Destiny is now a Dungeons & Dragons campaign thanks to this incredible fan project

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As we said in our Destiny 2: Beyond Light review, Bungie's made the process of making the perfect Guardian more and more intuitive every year through mod and armor changes. But Reddit user and tabletop fan GoodGameKitty has taken the character-building process to the level of Dungeons & Dragons – literally. 

GoodGameKitty is the creator of the Dungeons & Destiny Project, which turns Bungie's sci-fi space opera into a playable campaign for the 5th edition of the iconic tabletop RPG. As they announced on Reddit today, the project has officially reached version 1.0 and the player's guidebook and other resources are now available for free to all players.

The player's guidebook features nine classes based on the original Light subclasses, full stats for three human races and five alien ones, over a dozen unique weapons with unique upgrade processes, and a complete mechanics list that accounts for things like Ghosts, Darkness zones, and the buffs and debuffs of the Destiny universe. 

"And this is just what's in the Player's Guidebook!" GoodGameKitty adds. "In our Architect's Guide you can find things like a breakdown of the lore of the Destiny universe, literally hundreds of exotic items, and a whole section dedicated to explaining how to make your own race. Our Bestiary of the Wilds (which is long overdue for a major update; we're working on it, promise!) has tons of new monsters all based on Destiny, from the common dreg to never-before-seen creatures such as the Taken harpy or the Fallen jumper." 

The detail and accuracy of the project is staggering, and I'm especially enamored with the origin story document included in the starter kit. One story is modeled after the original Cosmodrome opener – which was reintroduced in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, as it happens – while others start players in the EDZ, on the Moon, and even in the lore-heavy Golden Age. I think that's what's most exciting to me.

Beyond a herculean creative effort, Dungeons & Destiny sounds like a great way to explore the game's irresponsibly good (and too often overlooked or neglected) lore. The best part? GoodGameKitty says they've already gotten the green light from Bungie, so as long as the project's creators stick to the studio's guidelines, Dungeons & Destiny shouldn't have to worry about a DMCA. 

Several Dungeons & Dragons Cyber Monday deals are still going, though you won't find one that includes a Destiny campaign. 

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