Destiny gets in the spirit with some free Halloween add-ons

Still addicted to the the raids and loot of Destiny, but are you offended by its distinct lack of pumpkins? Bungie's most recent update to the game will set things right with a string of Halloween related additions. As revealed on reddit, Bungie's update not only adds in some temporary costumes, but you also get some sweet, spooktacular rides.

On the consumable side of things, there's the Jackolyte, a special head covering that puts a three-eyed Jackolantern over you character's dome for 30 minutes. You only get three of them, so use each wisely--maybe save them for Thanksgiving or New Year's to really freak people out. Then there are the four new sparrows with seasonal coloring, each with the new Destabilizer ability, that cause the craft to roll. Not sure what that has to do with the scary holiday, but it's neat all the same.

Could this be the start of holiday themed updates for Destiny? Can we hope to see St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, and Arbor Day join the already long list of Destiny DLC? We can only hope.

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Henry Gilbert

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