Destiny 2's Revelry event turned PvP into a clown fiesta and players aren't happy

The Destiny 2 Revelry spring event is underway, and while it's pretty fun overall, one element of the event has thrown a monkey wrench into the Crucible. The event-exclusive Reveler's Tonics which drastically reduce your ability cooldowns can also be used in the Crucible. As a result, everyone is running around with infinite grenades - many of them arc grenades which, per the latest Destiny 2 patch notes, were just buffed considerably. 

Throwing unlimited grenades might sound like fun - and it is in small doses - but the trouble is, it's inescapable. Every playlist has become a grenade clown fiesta, including the Competitive playlist which many players have been grinding in order to earn this season's pinnacle weapon, the exceptionally powerful Recluse. The Revelry didn't so much upset the Competitive meta as it did pelt it with 10,000 arcbolt and pulse grenades. It's lowered the skill gap and added overwhelming randomness to the already frustrating Competitive playlist. 

On top of that, high-rank Competitive players have no choice but to participate in this clown fiesta if they want to maintain their rank. Players of Mythic rank or above lose Competitive points if they don't play at least three matches a week, and with the sheer amount of grenades flying in the Crucible right now, every match is a total gamble. I don't blame anyone for not wanting to queue into four Hunters rocking Shinobu's Vow and skip grenades. It's a real rock and hard place situation. 

Competitive isn't the only issue, either. Reveler's Tonics have essentially turned every Crucible playlist into Mayhem, a special mode with rapid Super and ability cooldowns. But where Mayhem is deliberately cordoned off as its own special attraction, infinite grenades are now everywhere. Sometimes you just don't want to play Mayhem, but in this instance you don't have a choice. 

The Revelry will continue through May 7, so if something's not done, Crucible will be nigh-on unplayable for the next three weeks. That would put a huge damper on many Recluse grinds, so here's hoping Bungie disables or confines Reveler's Tonics soon. 

Reveler's Tonics working in the Crucible is not a bug, but this Arcstrider boss melt most certainly is

Austin Wood

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