Destiny 2 Arcstrider bug lets players delete bosses in seconds

To finish off one of the buggiest weeks in recent memory for Destiny 2, players have discovered a way to utterly decimate bosses using Hunter's Arc Staff Super in a way that makes Celestial Nighthawk Golden Gun look tame. 

The bug leverages the newly buffed top tree of the Arcstrider subclass. Per the latest Destiny 2 patch notes, this subclass' melee ability, Combination Blow, can now stack bonus melee damage up to three times. It's easy to build a full stack because the Hunter's dodge can instantly recharge its melee, so as long as you have three squishy enemies to hit, you can melee and dodge your way to a three stack in seconds. 

Combination Blow's bonus damage is only supposed to buff your normal melee attacks, but due to a bug it's also affecting Arc Staff attacks. When paired with the damage and duration buff from the Raiden Flux Exotic chest piece, this turns Arc Staff into a boss-melting machine. This video from YouTuber Ninja Pups is a good showcase of what the combo can do: 

This kind of boss DPS, coupled with Arc Staff's top-tier clearing potential, is clearly out of bounds, so you can bet the bug will be fixed soon. Bungie said as much in a recent blog post:

"We are looking into Arcstrider Supers and their ability to achieve higher-than-intended damage against bosses when mixing certain perks. Until fixed, you may notice bosses in Gambit or other activities being pummeled into the ground by Hunters and their Arc Staffs." 

This was one of the few entertaining bugs to come up this week, so enjoy it while it lasts, folks. 

Bugs aside, Destiny 2's new arc subclasses are so fun that I'm changing my main after 1,600 hours.  

Austin Wood

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