Destiny 2 players who finish Lightfall will need to pay to skip it on other characters

Destiny 2 Lightfall
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Bungie will charge Destiny 2 players for skipping Lightfall's campaign, and players aren't best pleased.

Yesterday on February 16, the Destiny 2 developer published a new 'This Week at Bungie,' blog post, highlighting future details about the game surrounding the upcoming Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion. The 'Lightfall Campaign Skip Boost' will be available for those who've already completed the DLC campaign, and want to skip the whole thing again on secondary characters.

However, the bad news is that this is a paid-for campaign skip. In other words, if you want to boost a secondary Destiny 2 character past the Lightfall campaign, you'll need to shell out for this paid campaign boost, as your only way of blasting through the Lightfall campaign without having to do it all again.

This, as you might imagine, isn't sitting well with Destiny 2 players. The tweet just below, for example, which is followed by various tweets of agreement from followers, is critical of Bungie for putting this "excellent feature" behind a paywall and demanding money from players for it.

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However, there are those out there arguing that this is all well and good for Destiny 2. The tweet just below, for example, points out that campaign skip boosts have never actually been free in Destiny 2, so this is really more of the same from the developer, and therefore exactly what players should be expecting from Bungie.

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No matter which side of the debate you fall on, we can all agree the post below is extremely funny. Sadly, one Reddit user posted this plea to Bungie shortly before the announcement yesterday, begging the developer to enable account-based progression for Lightfall, and not lock progression to individual characters instead.

This person has, really unfortunately, been proved utterly wrong by the developer. "Aged like fine milk," one commenter replied shortly after the announcement from Bungie. "You're probably at least 6 months too late to ask for this," replied another Reddit user.

Destiny 2's Lightfall expansion is set to launch in just under two weeks from now on February 28, bringing a decisive end to the arc involving Calus. Check out our Destiny 2 Lightfall release date guide for a full walkthrough of when exactly the expansion will launch in your region around the world. 

Earlier this week, Bungie announced Destiny 2's next two seasons, and they're got loreheads pondering. 

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