Destiny 2 players built their own Crucible app and it's pretty darn impressive

(Image credit: Bungie)

For years, Destiny 2 players have relied on third-party sites to transfer items, check character stats, and for other actions which are clunky or unavailable in-game. Thanks to a new Crucible app created by web developers Grant Skinner and Mike Chambers, players can now add a dedicated PvP app to their toolbox. It's called Redrix - named after the Pinnacle Crucible pulse rifle Redrix's Claymore - it's completely free, and it's pretty darn impressive. 

As the official Redrix website explains, the app is available for free on the App Store or via Google Play. Once you log in with your PS4, Xbox One, or Steam account, you can use Redrix to check out match and career stats for any of your characters. This includes the results for up to 100 recent games, your Valor and Glory ranks and win streaks, and stats like kills and assists. Hardcore players can also compare their stats to player averages, and more casual players can check to see how many more matches they need to play to claim the week's Powerful Crucible rewards. 

Redrix is a full-fat app, and on top of its feature set, its presentation is also impressive. I tried the app myself, and after navigating some sign-in issues (if you play on PC, you need your Steam ID number, not your username), I found that it works perfectly. The interface is clean and navigable, and everything loads quickly. I played a few matches to see how quickly it updates, and to my surprise, the app displays the map you're playing on before you even load into a match. If you want to improve your Crucible game, Redrix is definitely worth using. 

Bungie promised a renewed focus on Crucible for Year 3 of Destiny 2. 

Austin Wood

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