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Destiny 2 is holding a special event this Saturday to blow up the Almighty

(Image credit: Bungie)

The Almighty, the Cabal ship which has been quietly hurtling toward Destiny 2's Last City during the Season of the Worthy, will seemingly be shot down tomorrow, Saturday, June 7.

Bungie posted a teaser for the Almighty's finale on Twitter (opens in new tab). "Rasputin is at full power," it said, referring to the millions of Seraph Tower events completed throughout the season. "Tomorrow at [10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm BST] we take aim at the Almighty."

The Almighty's impending crash was introduced on the first day of the season but hasn't really been mentioned since, with events like the Guardian Games stealing the spotlight for most of the season. However, over the last two weeks, a silhouette of the Almighty has popped up in the Tower's skybox, and it got considerably closer in the latest weekly reset. In other words, the Almighty is getting close, so it's about time Rasputin got off his robot ass and did something about it. 

Players expected to see the Almighty return before the end of the current season - in part because datamined events suggest it will play a major role in an upcoming disaster (opens in new tab) - but nobody thought its sendoff would come on a Saturday. Destiny 2 usually introduces big events on Tuesdays with weekly resets, but it seems Bungie wanted to address the Almighty before Season 11 kicks off on June 9. 

Incidentally, June 9 is also when Bungie will officially reveal the next expansion coming this fall, which has now received three cryptic teasers (opens in new tab). So in a way, it makes sense that Bungie would move up the Almighty to prevent information overload come Tuesday. In any case, the next few days are going to be a wild ride for Destiny 2 players. 

Austin Wood
Austin Wood

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