New Destiny 2 expansion teaser shows the Drifter headed to Europa

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Update - June 3: Bungie has released another short teaser for Destiny 2's upcoming fall expansion.  

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This one gives us a clear look of Europa, Jupiter's frozen moon, which all but confirms that it will be a new destination in the fall expansion. And while the last teaser showed Eris Morn plodding along the moon's surface, the latest short shows the Drifter, Gambit's morally gray ringleader, heading to the moon himself. Whatever's happening on Europa, it's big enough to draw in several of the biggest characters in Destiny 2's universe. We should find out why on Tuesday, June 9 when Bungie properly reveals the expansion. 

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The Destiny 2 2020 expansion will be revealed on Tuesday, June 9 alongside the start of Season 11, according to a new teaser video Bungie shared on Instagram.

"The next chapter of Destiny 2 is almost here," Bungie says. "Tune in for the unveiling at [9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm BST] on June 9." Bungie never outright says that it will show the fall 2020 expansion on this day, but given the wording and timing of this teaser, there's little doubt of what it's referring to. The studio's never held a grand reveal like this for an individual season, and with Season 11 being the last season of Year 3, this can only be about the start of Year 4. This also lines up with previous promises from the studio regarding Destiny 2's annual cycle, which hinted at impending news on the next big expansion.

With the timeline sorted, let's have a look at the video itself. Bungie's Instagram post disappeared from its timeline shortly after it went live, but it's still viewable via direct link. This teaser comes just days after Bungie shared a creepy audio file that sent players on a wild goose chase which will likely lead to a new alien race.

Eris Morn, who we last saw in an ominous cutscene at the end of the Shadowkeep campaign last year, is up to something. The new teaser shows her trudging along one of Jupiter's moons, which many believe to be Europa based on the icy terrain and some old concept art which suggested Europa was at one point planned as a destination. Near the end of the video, Eris holds some strange power in her hand, not unlike the abilities she showed in the last cutscene of Shadowkeep inside the grounded pyramid ship. But where Eris previously held a shadowy orb, she's now brandishing a lotus-like web of light. 

What does it all mean? Not a freaking clue. We know that the next expansion will pick up where Shadowkeep left off regarding Eris, and we can reasonably assume that it will add at least one new Jupiter destination, but that's about it for now. We'll learn more soon enough, and Season 11 may have some answers as well. 

Between this, the Almighty, and the encroaching pyramid ships, it's clear that disaster is headed to Destiny 2.

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