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With the last minor Baron dealt with in Target: The Rifleman, let's set our sights on the Fanatic, the biggest of them all. First, you'll need to kill his right hand man, The Machinist, by talking to Petra and Spider before starting the quest beacon at The Tangled Shore. 

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Destiny 2: Forsaken - Tangled Shore: The Machinist

Follow your marker into The Boil to hunt down the Machinist. You’ll encounter Scorn Ravagers, Raiders, and Chieftan mini bosses within the first few years, so expect a fight from the get go. 

Your Ghost will ask you to repair the nearby tank’s weapon systems by picking up a turret (highlighted on your marker) and carrying it over to the vehicle. When carrying the turret, you’ll be completely vulnerable to attack and unable to fight back, so make sure you clear the local Scorn first before doing so. 

You’ll need to repeat this process twice, once for each turret, and then once more to go and pick up a new navigation system, and more Scorn will spawn in whenever you install a new piece of hardware. Fortunately, once the tank's been fitted with its weaponry, it'll automatically help you out by firing at any nearby Scorn while you're fixing it up.

That said, once repaired, the tank can be mounted and used to blow away any remaining enemies with ease, and you’ll be invited to progress on forward further into The Boil, blowing open any doors in your way. There’ll be dozens of Scorn in the tunnels ahead, but feel free to make liberal use of both the tank’s manual cannon and its homing missiles to quickly kill off the aggressors. If the vehicle does get too damaged, exit it before it blows up, as that’s a surefire way to certain death. You can always pick up a new one from a nearby spawn station, which also heals any tanks that drive over it. 

You’ll reach an open area that you won’t be able to progress through without opening the next door via a nearby control panel atop a platform. Exit the tank and ascend the platform on foot, dealing with any stragglers, and you can then open the door to make your way in, tank in toe. 

The next area features two Stolen Walker bosses (alongside a few more smaller enemies, next to conveniently placed explosive barrels), who won’t be much trouble provided you keep pelting your tank’s rockets at them from afar. You’ll also have to destroy five fuel caches in this section, simply by firing at wherever your marker highlights their location.

From there, you can head further inwards with the tank, killing and blowing doors up as you go, until you reach another open area replete with more Scorn varieties. Here will be a second door that needs opening manually from a nearby terminal; depart the tank and follow your waypoint to its location in a building on the side of the wall (where mobs and Chieftain miniboss can be found). Interacting with it will grant access to the next part of the mission. 

At this point, missiles will start raining down from above, and you’ll need toleave your tank behind to ascend to the final restricted zone, which beings a boss fight with the machinist. This servant to the Fanatic is a lumbering brute who can rain down mortars while shooting at you with a powerful fire weapon. 

Use the large battle space to your advantage by staying high and mobile at all times, firing back at the Machinist whenever he’s not pouring hellfire on your location. There will be Scorn mobs coming in to assist every now and again, so take them out regularly to prevent being overrun. Watch out for the poisonous pools of acid that pepper the zone, as they will eat up your health pretty quickly if accidentally waded into. 

Even so, The Machinist can eventually be brought down by spatial awareness, focused firepower, and competent crowd control, which will end the mission once and for all. Machinist no more. The final quest in Forsaken's campaign, Nothing Left to Say, is now unlocked for your enjoyment, so get ready for a showdown. 

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