Destiny 2 charity drive raises over $338,000 in 24 hours

Destiny 2 Beyond Light
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Update - December 3: The Destiny 2 Game2Give charity has now passed $500,000 raised, so Bungie's released another piece of concept art for the armor sets available in the upcoming Dawning holiday event. 

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We've now seen the Warlock and Titan armor sets, so the next milestone should lead to a Hunter Dawning armor reveal. These are all universal ornaments too, so if you like the look, you'll be able to pop them on no matter what armor you're wearing underneath. 

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Bungie's annual Game2Give charity drive only just kicked off yesterday on December 1, but it's already surpassed $338,000 raised.

You can check out the charity drive page over on the Game2Give website. From yesterday until December 14, Bungie is raising money for the Bungie Foundation and the Children's Miracle Network, which will be used for a variety of activities for children receiving treatment, including birthday parties.

Bungie is actually offering a tiered reward system for Destiny 2 players who want to contribute to the charity drive. Over on the Help Make Miracles website, you can see that a $10 donation gets you in with a chance of winning $10 gift card, a $25 donation gets you a Ghost skin and Emblem in Destiny 2, a $50 donation gets you both previous two tiers plus a Light Keeper's Emblem in the game, and finally, the $100 donation gets you in with the chance of winning a mysterious special prize.

Bungie is also unveiling concept art and other Destiny 2 secrets for upcoming expansions and events every time the community hits a donation milestone. Yesterday, as the community surpassed $250,000 donated, Bungie revealed the Titan Universal Ornament concept art for the upcoming Dawning event.

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Next week, Bungie launches Destiny 2's next-gen upgrades for PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S on December 10. On the former two consoles, you'll be able to run the PvP Crucible at 120FPS.

For everything you need to know about Destiny 2's latest expansion, you can check out our full Destiny 2 Beyond Light guide for more.

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