Demon's Souls photo mode shows resurrection in detail

Demon's Souls
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Demon's Souls photo mode reveals how your body is restored, and it's amazing(ly grotesque). 

Lance McDonald, known for his prolific hacking of PT and Souls games, has posted a Demon's Souls gif on Twitter showing how the restoration process works when using  the photo mode in-game. 

According to McDonald, when your body is restored, for a split second, you're able to actually see your body be reassembled. If you activate photo mode at just the right moment, you can see your characters bones and muscles being restored after coming back to life. You can use photo mode after killing a boss and you're able to see the process much more clearly. 

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The slow motion gif that McDonald uploaded captures the restoration process perfectly and as the game is running on the PS5, with an option for 60fps and one for 4K resolution, the model animation and detail is queasily impressive. 

Demon's Souls released alongside the PS5 earlier this month and was in the top five best selling list for the most PS5 physical games sold in its first week of launch. 

Fans recently discovered a mysterious locked door in Demon's Souls that wasn't in the original game. The mystery behind the door was finally revealed after a player was able to crack the code, to reveal a suit of armour based on the Penetrator boss.

Another mystery surrounding the game is an ominous sound that will suddenly play in the background. There's currently a ton of speculation about what the sound could be, but it sure is spooking players.

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