Latest PT hack reveals Lisa's highly-distressing offscreen behavior

Prolific PT hacker Lance McDonald has released what is probably our most intimate look at Lisa's offscreen activities, and it's every bit as horrifying as you'd expect.

We learned a while back the horrifying truth that Lisa is constantly stalking you while you loop through PT's neverending halls, but now we know a bit more about what she's doing offscreen, and what might've been had development on PT continued. As it turns out, the lanky apparition is always quite busy setting you up for terror behind-the-scenes.

Remember when Lisa is peering down at you from the upstairs balcony? Of course you do. Well, McDonald was able to hack his way onto the balcony and find out what happens when she disappears into the darkness. What he sees is one of the most sickening things I've ever endured. After a few seconds staring down into the hallway, the specter's head spasms briefly before her entire shape collapses into the ground - all the while maintaining her dead-eyed gaze - before shriveling up and disappearing.

McDonald was also gracious enough to film a particularly shocking scene from different perspectives. In it, you can see Lisa trudging her way toward the bathroom door from the outside, before slamming it shut. You can see her standing in a horrendously unnatural position with her hands folded in front of her, which McDonald speculates could be the result of "unfinished rigging," perhaps once intended to show her actually grabbing and turning the door handle.

If you haven't already, watch the video above at your own risk. It's intensely unsettling to see how busy Lisa is the whole time you're wandering through PT's halls, and the sporadic glitches don't help the matter.

If you're still down about PT's potential never being realized beyond the short demo, rumors suggest there's still hope for a Silent Hills revival and Silent Hill reboot.

Jordan Gerblick

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