Demon Wars: Shield of Justice puts Peach Momoko's spin on Marvel's Civil War

Demon Wars: Shield of Justice #1 cover art
Demon Wars: Shield of Justice #1 cover art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Peach Momoko's Japanese myth-inspired take on the Marvel Universe, dubbed the Momoko-verse, returns with Momoko's "revolutionary" twist on Marvel's classic crossover event Civil War in the new Demon Wars: Shield of Justice title. The new series announcement follows the just-released Demon Wars: Iron Samurai #1, the first issue of a four-part limited series.

In Demon Wars: Shield of Justice, "the classic Civil War story beats are blended with traditional Japanese folklore," complete with Japanese folklore-inspired redesigns of some of the story's main characters, as Peach Momoko has done for other characters in her now long-running series of stories set in her person corner of the Marvel Universe.

For Demon Wars: Shield of Justice, Peach Momoko will offer up new designs in her signature style for Captain America and Iron Man - who have been redesigned as Shield of Justice and Iron Samurai, respectively - as well as Black Panther.  

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"I am very happy to expand the series and get to show more of the love that I have for Japanese folklore and the way it inspires me with new stories told through my Momoko-verse lens," Momoko says. "It is an honor to tell my version of the classic Marvel Comics event, Civil War."

Peach Momoko has been a popular Marvel cover artist for several years, as well as the writer and artist of the Momoko-verse, along with co-scripter Zack Davisson.

Demon Wars: Shield of Justice goes on sale November 11.

As one of the most impactful Marvel Comics events of all time, the original Civil War has inspired numerous adaptations in comics, film, and other media.

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