Dj Vu trailer online!

Tony Scott, Denzel Washington and legendary producer Jerry Bruckheimer took everyone by surprise in 2004 with their uber-violent tale of retribution and redemption, Man On Fire. And now the trio have reunited for Déjà Vu.

You may remember we told you eons ago about the flick, which Scott walked away from after Hurricane Katrina had devastated the primary shooting locations. Then the director changed his mind and strolled back into it two weeks later.

Denzel Washington stars as Federal agent Doug Carlin, who is called in to pick over the evidence after a New Orleans ferry is bombed. The investigation takes an unexpected turn that throws some mind-bending questions at Carlin and puts hundreds of innocent people’s lives in danger.

Scott has pumped up his cast list by snagging former dark knight Val Kilmer, former son of God Jim Caviezel and sister of his Man On Fire star Dakota, seven-year-old Elle Fanning… Watch your back, Dakota. The lifespan of a child star can be short.

Déjà Vu opens in the UK on 22nd December.

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