Deathloop gameplay trailer showcases a mission against The Wolf

(Image credit: Bethesda)

An extended Deathloop gameplay trailer has premiered during the July PlayStation State of Play presentation. 

Just below, you can check out the slice of brand new Deathloop gameplay for yourself, which puts you in the shoes of Colt, a hired gun tasked with tracking down and silencing members of a cult scattered across an island. The trailer showcased a mission roughly halfway through the game where players are tasked with assassinating The Wolf. 

The showcase gave us a chance to not only appreciate the game's vibrant '60s pop-art inspired style, but the abilities Cole will make use of while exploring the island of Blackreef, such as Reprise, which grants him the ability to rewind time when downed so he doesn't permanently die. You can check out the extended demo down below. 

If you're unaware, Deathloop is the brand new action game from Arkane, developers of the Dishonored and Prey games over the past decade. The twist though, as you might have sussed out from the name of Arkane's shooter, is that Deathloop is a time loop game. Colt has a finite amount of time to try and find and eliminate every member of the towering cult, before the time loop on the island resets and he's forced back to square one.

Only by hunting down and defeating every imposing member can Colt finally be free of the time loop. That's not all though, because he's also going up against rival mercenary Juliana, who has been hired by the cult themselves to track down and kill Colt before he can finish his deadly work.

It's through this that Deathloop's online multiplayer comes into play. While Juliana can be controlled by an AI adversary, another enemy player can step into the shoes of the rival assassin to take out Colt, gunning for the player in a drop-in, drop-out style of online gameplay. It's sure to going to be chaotic and fun to hop into another player's game and make life hell for them as Juliana.

After being delayed numerous times, Deathloop is scheduled to release later this year on September 14, as a PS5 console exclusive. Just last week, developer Arkane spoke about how Deathloop's "level of ambition" just wouldn't have been possible on the older generation of consoles. Deathloop might not be appearing on Xbox One or PS4, or even the new generation of Xbox consoles, but it'll sure be a treat when it eventually lands on the PS5 and PC on September 14, 2021.

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