Death Stranding isn't a first person shooter game but you can "enjoy a first person view," says Kojima

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Hideo Kojima is back at it again on Twitter with another post about Death Stranding, and this time the game director has said that you can "enjoy a first person view, but not a First Person Shooter game."

Back in 2017 in an interview Kojima had with IGN, it was revealed that the aspect of first-person view will come into play during a certain section of Death Stranding known as "Purgatory" where you'll be able to explore from a first-person perspective. But perhaps it could come into play in other parts of the game, or in different ways. Speculatively, we’ve seen lots of shots of leading man Sam sitting or walking around various landscapes with lots of picturesque scenery, so Death Stranding may well include a feature that lets you go in first person to take in the scenery. 

In a recent video, we saw a first-person view as Sam rocked the baby known as BB when he took a little tumble down a hillside, so it could come into play for particular mechanics. We've also seen Sam using an assault rifle in the boss battle gameplay trailer but from a third person perspective. The rifle does appear to feature a scope, though, so perhaps there’s a first person aspect that comes into play. 

As spotted by our very own eagled-eyed Leon Hurley, you can see the accompanying image Kojima posted with the Tweet in a shot during the boss battle gameplay trailer. The picture appears to feature who we think is Mads Mikkelsen's character Cliff in the centre - Cliff is said to be the main antagonist of Sam in the game. Lots of shots throughout the gameplay trailer also feature a first person perspective.

Kojima’s description of Death Stranding once again mentions that it will be “Strand Game” with a new “Social Strand System.” It’s not massively clear what exactly this means yet. Honestly, the tweet does make me scratch my head just a little, but that’s to be expected at this point. The only thing we can really take away is that we can enjoy a first-person view at certain points.  

Still trying to work out what it's all about? Our very own Josh West saw Death Stranding at Gamescon and finally understands what's going on, or you can watch the newly revealed gameplay from the convention right here:

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