Death Stranding gameplay may be coming in the next few weeks (if you're Guillermo del Toro)

When last we saw Death Stranding, Mads Mikkelsen was using undead soldiers and creepy tentacles to scout the sewers of a war-torn city, where Guillermo Del Toro was hiding with a baby (which may or may not travel through time) kept in a jar. Yeah, it's weird. So when can we expect some clarity and maybe even a glimpse of gameplay? According to Del Toro, hopefully soon.

Speaking to IGN, Del Toro revealed that even he hasn't seen much of the elusive, much-anticipated game. "In Death Stranding I'm just a puppet," he said. "I don't know what [Hideo Kojima]'s gonna make me do. He's supposedly going to show me the gameplay at some point in the next couple of weeks."

If Del Toro is calling himself a puppet and saying he hasn't yet seen gameplay, perhaps Death Stranding will be less of a collaboration between the Spanish filmmaker and Kojima than some thought. The pair previously worked together in shaping P.T., the playable teaser for the since-cancelled Silent Hills game, but it sounds like Kojima is definitely leading the way this time around.

There are only a few weeks left in the year, but a couple of opportunities for Kojima to show off more before we switch over to 2018. There are The Game Awards, hosted by Geoff Keighley (who considers Kojima a friend, and during which we saw the game's second trailer), which will be held Thursday, December 7 at 5:30pm Pacific / 1:30am GMT. There's also the annual Sony-focused event, PlayStation Experience, which will begin on Saturday, December 9 at 10am Pacific / 6pm GMT. Hopefully we (and Del Toro) will know more by then.

Sam Prell

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