Death Stranding Director's Cut hides a new P.T. Easter Egg

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Death Stranding Director's Cut has a brand new P.T.-related scene.

Just below, you can see a tweet from YouTuber Suzi Hunter over the past weekend. In the screenshot, Hunter inadvertently encounters a brand new scene in Death Stranding Director's Cut, which takes place in the Private Room of protagonist Sam Porter Bridges. You can see a menacing figure looming within the shower area of the Private Room itself, something that definitely wasn't present in the original version of the 2019 action game.

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It turns out this is a pretty overt reference to P.T. You can see the full clip play out just below, courtesy of a post on the Death Stranding subreddit. In the clip, the player's view transitions to that of the first person, and focuses on the shower where the figure resides, before it flies out of the shower at them, and the scene cuts out.

This certainly appears to be a call back to P.T., which of course was an original creation spearheaded by Hideo Kojima. The project would be unceremoniously cancelled by developer/publisher Konami, and the demo delisted from the PlayStation Store. Now, P.T. only exists on a limited number of hard drives throughout the world, and the final product will never see the light of day.

We've contacted Kojima Productions for comment on the new scene in Death Stranding Director's Cut, and will update this article with any future comments.

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