Deadpool will introduce a more traditional Colossus

While there's been plenty of speculation as to which X-Men characters will turn up in next year's Deadpool, one of the few who's already been confirmed is metal-skinned mutant, Colossus. According to actor Andre Tricoteux, his version of the character is going to be pretty faithful to the one presented in the comics.

"The Colossus you’re going to see in Deadpool is very true to the original character in the comic book,” says Tricoteux to Tech Times. “Tim Miller had a really clear vision, and the Deadpool people had a really clear vision of what they wanted. They wanted Colossus to be very traditional to the original story.”

Said origin story tells the tale of Piotr Rasputin, a young boy living among a Soviet collective, whose powers first manifest themselves when he rescues his sister from a runaway tractor. “We kept it very traditional to the comic book,” continues Tricoteux. “Actually, we kept it exactly like the comic book, so you could be able to derive your own conclusion from that.”

We’ll be expecting note-perfect Russian accent, in that case… Directed by Miller and co-starring Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin, Deadpool will open in the UK on February 4 2016 and the US on February 12 2016.

George Wales

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