Dead Space's Impossible difficulty might be void thanks to this infinite ammo trick

Dead Space
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Dead Space players have uncovered a trick to grant infinite ammo and Nodes, which might render the 'Impossible' difficulty mode null and void.

This method, uncovered over the past weekend by enterprising players, revolves around the alt-fire mode of the Pulse Rifle. As the Dead Space-dedicated subreddit post below reveals, you can convert the Pulse Rifle's mines from its alt-fire mode to regular Pulse Rifle ammo, which has intriguing knock-on effects.

For this method, you need to first find a Workbench. Then, fire out a mine on the ground, and pick it up, resulting in Pulse Rifle ammo being placed back in your inventory. You can keep rinsing and repeating this method for more ammo, but the trick here is to spend a Node on the 'Capacity' upgrade for the Pulse Rifle whenever your ammo runs dry, resulting in an immediate full clip.

Furthermore, you can even 'Respec' your Pulse Rifle upgrades for 5,000 Credits, which will return all your Nodes to your inventory. You can then take the accumulated Pulse Rifle ammo and sell it in a Shop for Credits if you'd rather Nodes over ammo, which means you've potentially got an unlimited source of either resource. 

This trick will undoubtedly wreak havoc on the ultra-tough Impossible difficulty mode in the Dead Space remake. As you probably guess, the mode is meant to be nigh-on impossible for players to complete, but a limitless supply of Pulse Rifle ammo and upgrade Nodes might just derail the entire thing. Then again, Isaac Clarke is meant to be a resourceful engineer.

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