Dead Space remake ships early to players in North America

Dead Space Remake screenshot
(Image credit: EA)

The Dead Space remake has broken street date, with players receiving the game well ahead of release.

On the Dead Space subreddit, the post just below was published on January 24, showing someone having managed to obtain EA Motive's remake early. Dead Space isn't due to launch until later this week on Friday, January 27, meaning this player received their copy over three days before launch.

Elsewhere on the subreddit, another player posted the image just below, showing they'd also managed to obtain an early copy of the Dead Space remake. This player, who posted on January 25, reveals that they actually obtained their copy from North American retailer Walmart.

Get tooled up

Dead Space weapons and guns

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This could cause other eager players to try and obtain Dead Space early from their nearest Walmart, especially given the comments underneath the two subreddit posts from envious players. It'd be highly unlikely if the remake was on general sale at the retail giant though, as what's more likely is this copy was put through sale in a rare error instead. 

Either way, there's now less than 48 hours to wait until Dead Space is finally out in the wild for players around the world. Over the past weekend, leaked Trophies for the Dead Space remake revealed it has an alternate ending. So far at least, we know no further details about this mysterious alternate ending, leaving fans eager to discover more this coming weekend. 

Earlier this month, a Dead Space remake dev revealed he can't play it at night with headphones on - it's just too scary in certain environments, apparently. 

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