Dead Space Remake will have at least one thing Dead Space doesn't - an alternate ending

Dead Space Remake
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Dead Space Remake's achievement list is now available, and it comes with a sneaky clue about what we can look forward to when the game releases next week.

Although those of us who played Dead Space the first time around may not think there'll be much to surprise us in the Dead Space remake (opens in new tab), it turns out that the remake will feature at least one thing we didn't get in the original: an alternate ending. 

According to a new achievement list recently updated by True Trophies (opens in new tab), Dead Space Remake includes a new trophy called "Reunion". And whilst we don't know any of the specifics - at the time of writing, Motive hadn't even announced that an alternate ending was coming at all - the trophy description does tell us that it will pop when we "see the alternative ending on any difficulty mode" (thanks, TheGamer (opens in new tab)).

Officially unveiled in 2021 and initially planned for 2022 – although that release window slipped to January 27, 2023 – Dead Space Remake is set to become one of the biggest new games for 2023 (opens in new tab)… not to mention one of the most terrifying. Our own Leon Hurley, who went hands-on (opens in new tab) with the horror towards the end of last year, stated that he believes this modern incarnation "recaptures what made the original an essential horror experience".

Don't worry if you scream like a baby playing it, though – even the development team itself struggles to get through the scary parts, too, sometimes (opens in new tab).

"When I'm playing it at night, I can't play it with headphones. It's just too fucking scary," technical director, David Robillard tells PLAY magazine's issue #22. 

"Just the amount of realism and, again, atmosphere. Not just visually, right? In the way we handle sound, ambience, effects, having systems that will try to spook you. These things, you know, could have been done [on PS4], but not to the level we're doing them today. And they really add a lot to this sort of genre and make the whole kind of experience come together even more."

There's now only a few short weeks to get completely caught up on everything you need to know about one of the most impressive upcoming horror games (opens in new tab) out there, so here's everything we know so far about Dead Space Remake (opens in new tab)

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