Dead Rising 3 complete combo weapon guide

To kick off our guide to the combo weapons in Dead Rising 3, here's a little look at how you get one of the most awesome collectibles in the game. It's the Flame Mecha Dragon, an outfit you get by combining the Mecha Dragon with a bunch of fire-crackers. Once you've got the blueprint, obviously. We show you how to do that too.

Ok, so here is how you find every blueprint in the game, and what items you need to create each weapon. There are 101 blueprints in total, and we've tracked every one of them down. There are 10 items per page.

Also, there are two different types of plans for constructing these Combo Weapons - the blue ones can be created from various combinations of items when the required abilities have been unlocked, whereas the gold ones (marked with an asterisk * here) are Super Combos and can only be made from the specific items stated.

Don't forget that any items you've previously picked up can be replicated by visiting the Weapon Lockers found in Safe Zones, along with any Combo Weapons you've already constructed.

Iain Wilson
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