Dead Rising 3 complete combo weapon guide

Combo Weapons 1-10 

Acid Jar
Created by combining: Chemicals + Household Cleaner
Blueprint found: In the basement of Almuda Farms Cold Storage in north South Almuda, accessed while destroying Military Supplies in a Chapter 3 mission

Acid Rain
Created by combining: Flare Gun + Chemicals
Blueprint found: Unlocked by completing Chapter 6

Acid Toy
Created by combining: Chemicals + Toy Robot
Blueprint found: Inside Sculpt Yourself Cosmetic Surgery in central Central City

Beer Hat
Created by combining: Keg + Construction Hat
Blueprint found: Unlocked by purchasing the second tier Smarts Attribute

* Big Bomb
Created by combining: RPG + Propane Tank
Blueprint found: Down the alleyway at the side of Albert’s Clothing store in northwest Central City

* Bigger Bomb
Created by combining: * Big Bomb + Grenade
Blueprint found: Inside the ClerouX store in north Central City by the Safe Zone

Created by combining: Crossbow + Roman Candle
Blueprint found: Unlocked by completing Chapter 5. Also found on top of the walkway above the power plant in east South Almuda, access by climbing on top of a unit on the east side

Bomb Toy
Created by combining: Robot Bear + Gasoline Canister
Blueprint found: On the roof of the Burgess-Dawson Hotel in southeast Central City, accessed during a Chapter 3 mission

* Boom Bear
Created by combining: * Freedom Bear + Dynamite
Blueprint found: Inside Elmode Design in northwest Sunset Hills

Boom Cannon
Created by combining: Grenade + Shotgun
Blueprint found: Inside Los Perdidos Communication in east Sunset Hills, accessed during Chapter 3 after returning Lauren’s items

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