Dead Island 2 devs are looking into New Game Plus

Dead Island 2
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Dead Island 2's development team is at least looking into the idea of adding a New Game Plus mode to the zombie sequel.

Earlier today, April 24, Dead Island 2 design director Adam Duckett appeared on a stream over on XboxOn's Twitch channel. Duckett fielded questions from viewers, and although the design director didn't actually address the various New Game Plus questions, another member of the studio stepped in to answer.

"A few of you are asking about new game+," a Dambuster Studios staffer wrote in the Twitch stream's chat. "This is being looked at by the development team, so keep an eye on the Dead Island 2 social channels for updates," the developer explained.

This definitely isn't a guarantee that Dambuster Studios will be adding New Game Plus for Dead Island 2 at any point in the future, let alone the near future. However, it is a positive sign that the studio is actively looking into the feature and acting on, or at least acknowledging, player requests just a few days after launch.

Duckett answered a few other questions and revealed some intriguing details of his own. Chiefly, the design director noted that the wildly gory 'Flesh' system was one of the first things developed for the game, and Dambuster Studios never considered another setting outside of Los Angeles for the sequel's Dead Island 2 open world

Additionally, Duckett said the dev team was forced to give the regenerating zombies underwear in order to prevent some "dicey" moments. It doesn't take much imagination to realize what Duckett is referring to here.

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