Dead By Daylight Resident Evil crossover brings in Chris and Claire Redfield skins

The Resident Evil chapter of Dead by Daylight is available now, and the Raccoon City heroes are all here as a launch-day surprise.

With the latest crossover chapter for Dead by Daylight now available, developer Behaviour Interactive revealed the full version of its cinematic trailer, which features appearances from new killer Nemesis and new heroes Jill and Leon, as well as the surprise debut of Chris and Claire Redfield. The Redfield siblings aren't full-fledged Survivors of their own, but are instead new Legendary Sets for Leon and Jill respectively - each of which can be purchased in-game for 1,485 Auric Cells (on top of the $11.99 purchase to unlock the Resident Evil chapter itself).

Behaviour Interactive took a similar approach to adding Stranger Things' Jonathan Byers to Dead by Daylight, offering him as a new look for Steven Byers. Back in Resident Evil land, both Jill and Leon arrive with additional outfits that give you more options beyond their default, remake-inspired appearances; Jill gets the Impervious Agent outfit, which is drawn from her original Resident Evil 3 look, and Leon gets the Persistent Investigator outfit, inspired by his Secret Service agent look from Resident Evil 4. They're each available for 1,080 Auric Cells.

The Dead by Daylight Resident Evil chapter was first revealed during Capcom's Resident Evil Showcase event back in April - and it came as somewhat of a surprise, since Capcom bundled its own 4v1 survival horror game, Resident Evil: Resistance, with the Resident Evil 3 remake. On the other hand, Dead by Daylight has become a smorgasbord of horror favorites with the aforementioned Stranger Things crossover, as well as tie-ins with Silent Hill, Evil Dead, Saw, Halloween, and more. It would almost be weirder if Resident Evil didn't join the party.

Speaking of multiplayer takes on survival horror, Resident Evil Re:Verse was recently delayed. As for the main series itself, Capcom has confirmed that some Resident Evil Village DLC is currently in the works, but it's kept the details scarce for now.

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