Days Gone PS5 upgrades include dynamic 4K and 60fps

Days Gone
(Image credit: Sony)

The Days Gone PS5 enhancements will let you ride through the Freaker-infested wasteland at a higher frame rate and resolution.

Sony's Bend Studio unveiled its next-gen plans for its open-world PS4 action game on the developer's official Twitter account. According to Bend, the enhancements include support for up to 60 frames per second with a dynamic 4K - dynamic meaning it will shift up and down from 4K resolution to maintain consistent performance, depending on how demanding the current scene is. You'll also be able to take your saves with you from PS4 to PS5 as well, so you can pick up right where you left off in the campaign or in New Game Plus.

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Even if you never picked up Days Gone when it was on PS5, you'll have a great chance to start playing if you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription. Days Gone will be part of the PlayStation Plus Collection along with more than a dozen other games, meaning you'll be able to play it for free on PS5 as long as you stay subscribed. Other included games such as God of War will also run at 60 frames per second and neatly transfer their saves, so it looks like the ideal place to play the best PS4 games will soon be PS5.

As for a proper Days Gone sequel on PS5, Bend Studio still hasn't made any official announcements. But studio director Chris Reese did tell us he wants to "explore many, many different avenues" for Days Gone's post-apocalyptic world, so keep an eye out.

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