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David Fincher re-making House Of Cards

David Fincher will produce a US TV drama based on the 1990 series House Of Cards.

The miniseries, which was adapted from Michael Dobbs' novel, saw Ian Richardson as a scheming chief whip named Francis Urquhart, a Machiavellian type who manipulated all around him in order to achieve his aims.

Set around the end of Margaret Thatcher's time in power, the original script was written by Andrew Davies.

Now Fincher, along with Benjamin Button scribe Eric Roth, is developing a US-based version that will run as a TV series that maintains the scheming and blackmailing.

So The Evil West Wing, then?

There's no network attached yet and even with Fincher and Roth's names attached, it'll likely have to go to a pilot before it has a chance of airing, but this could be something fun...

[Source: THR ]

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