David Cage compares the PS5 and Xbox Series X in a new interview

Detroit: Become Human
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With the PS5 and Xbox Series X releasing in just a couple of weeks there’s questions about studios developing brand new titles for next-generation consoles. The latest studio head to discuss the future of next-gen is David Cage, founder and CEO of Quantic Dream. 

In a lengthy interview with wccftech, David Cage discussed the current situation at Quantic Dream, next-generation consoles, and future game titles. Cage discussed the differences between the PS5 vs Xbox Series X, saying: “It is always challenging to compare hardware, as they always have advantages and disadvantages. It is not just a matter of CPU or frequency; it is more about the consistency of the component and the possibilities of advanced features." 

“The CPU of the two consoles uses the same processor (slightly faster on Xbox Series X), the GPU of the Xbox also seems more powerful, as it is 16% faster than PS5 GPU, with a bandwidth that is 25% faster. The transfer speed from the SSD is twice as fast on PS5.”

It’s clear that Cage has already gotten his hands on both next-generation consoles as he greatly details the comparison in specs. He went on to say: “Overall, I think that the pure analysis of the hardware shows an advantage for Microsoft, but experience tells us that hardware is only part of the equation: Sony showed in the past that their consoles could deliver the best-looking games because their architecture and software were usually very consistent and efficient.”

Quantic Dream’s latest game, Detroit: Become Human, released in 2018 and since it’s been two years, it’s likely a new title could be in the works. Cage talked about the possibility of a new game, he said, “Writing takes time, we always develop new tech and engines and we always seek to challenge ourselves and try new ideas. We know that our fans have high expectations regarding our titles, they want high visual quality, immersive and branching stories and strong emotions - things that are difficult to industrialize.”

Cage also discussed the studio’s engine that they use for their games saying that developing their own technology and engines has been a big part of Quantic Dream for 23 years. They still create their own tech because they feel it contributes to making their games visually unique.

On the subject of Quantic Dream taking advantage of the next-gen technology, and enhancing previous titles for the PS5, Cage said, “The studio is fully focused on the future and our current projects in development. Enhancing our titles for PlayStation 5 is a possibility that we currently consider.” Cage also says that Quantic Dream plan to support all existing platforms for future titles including Nintendo Switch, but since their previous games are still tied with Sony, he doubts they will be available on other platforms other than PC.

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