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    Submitted by Reuben Kee

Darkstone Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Dustin Leslie

    Even More Money

    Create Two New Monk Charaters
    Start am single player game with these charaters. Then sell their copys of Ressurection for lots of Cash. Then give the money two one charater. Start a new single player game with a two new monks. Deletee the charater (MONK that has no money) and repet with the new monks. Then make the charater you want and start a new game with the really rich monks. Take their money and start a new single player game with another new charater. I did this 13 times and ended up with over 100000 gold.

  • PC | Submitted by Rob Germann

    Lots a Gold

    You will need enough inventory items to fill all of your inventory slots and 10,001 pieces of gold. Place 10,000 pieces of gold on the ground. Make sure you have 1 or more pieces of gold in your inventory and that the rest of the inventory slots are filled - big items work best. Close inventory. Try to pick up 10,000 gold pile. No slots are available so place 10,000 gold back on ground. Open inventory. 1 piece of gold has now turned into 10,000 pieces of gold. Right click and remove 9999 pieces of gold and place on ground. Close Inventory. Pick up pile of 10,000 gold. Place gold back on ground. Open Inventory. Remove 10,000 pieces of gold and place on ground. Pick up the 9999 pieces of gold. Remove 1 piece and place that in inventory. Place 9998 pieces on gold. Continue until you have piles and piles of gold to buy all those rings and books.

  • PC | Submitted by Dylan Hostak

    How To Get Effect Items Easily

    First get a thief character get some money to learn theft then go to a towns person and use theft on (him or her) this will take about10 to 100 times

  • PC | Submitted by Scot Linkletter

    3 Cool Tricks

    Here's some tricks for Darkstone that I discovered and haven't seen mentioned anywhere. The first 2 can only be done in single player games, the 3rd can be done in both single and multi.
    1. Surrogate Pool Drinker - If you switch to solo mode and leave the character you're not using at a mana or health pool, whenever you get low just switch to the character by the pool, walk a short distance from the pool, then click on the pool and before the character gets there to take a drink switch back to the other character and that one will get their health or mana filled instead of the one by the pool.
    2. Permanent Magic Door - If you want to keep your magic doors from crumbling when you go back through them, when returning through the door from town use the character who did NOT create the magic door to enter the portal. If you are in a multi player game, 2 characters can both make a magic door then return from town using the other guy's door instead of your own. This way you can keep them open and use them over and over.
    3. Earn More Money - Of course you want to use a character with the Trade skill to do all the buying, selling, and repairing (if you have one). But if you have the character with Trade skill pay the blacksmith to repair all your items before you sell them you will actually get MORE money. He gives you a discount on the repair and pays your more for the fully repaired item than what he would have paid before + the price he charged you to repair it.

  • PC | Submitted by no_one_important

    Hint For Big-Statue Things

    On on mission, I can't remember which, you find the crystal in a large room with 2 HUGE statues. When you find this room, have one character wait outside before you pick up the crystal. When you grab it, the door will close and the statue things will attack. Have the character outside open the door. If you don't YOU WILL BE TRAPPED! I don't recommend this because i tried to beat these things in the room at least 50 times and died every time (talk about infuriating). When both characters are outside the door, stand in the doorway and you can kill these things without being hit:) You also get a lot of experience!

Darkstone Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    More Gold

    After starting a new game, give all the gold from 1 character to a prime character who will hold all the gold. Now start another game apick the prime character and create a new character. Transfer 1500 gold from the new character to the prime character and repeat as needed.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    New Song

    In a single player game toss coins in the Bard's tray in the center of town.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Playing as Thief

    Steal from the chickens to get a good reward :)