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Contact me at Negativedge@ignmail.com _________________ |_____INDEX_____| Notes Version Info Characters Village and map guide Skills list and explanations Spells list and explanations Quests Tactics and hints Frequent questions Credits Ending Quote ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|\ VERSION INFO | \ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- |__\ Version 1.0 date: 7-25-99 I got my EXTREMELY early release of Darkstone, heeheehee, first version up, enjoy! Version 1.1 date: 7-27-99 More power to The Unofficial Darkstone site (http://redrival.com/darkstone/index.htm) They have got lots of stuff there, anyone interested in the game should check out the site! Version 1.2 date: 7-28-99 BWAH!!! Found a new tactic! It's incredible! Solve the lack of money problem! Check it out in the Tactics section Added how to set spell shortcuts in tactics/hints section Added a few quests, tweaks here and there Version 1.3 date: 7-29-99 RUSHED UPDATE! EVERYONE PLEASE TAKE NOTE, MY E-MAIL ADDRESS HAS BEEN CHANGED TO Negativedge@ignmail.com SORRY TO ALL THOSE WHO E-MAILED ME AND COULDN'T GET THROUGH, MY PREVIOUS E-MAIL SERVICE WAS TERMINATED, HENCE ALL MAIL SENT IN THE LAST 6 DAYS I DID NOT RECEIVE. PLEASE TAKE NOTE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|\ NOTES | \ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- |__\ There are 22 scenario-led quests in total. Each time you start a new game, you will evolve inside eight of them, which are chosen randomly. This ensures that every time you replay the game, the quests are different, the placement of the enemies and objects are different and this leads to great replayability and longevity ... Items are important in the game as there are 20 secondary quests in the game which entail you finding special items. These items are richly rewarded and offer the player the chance to be able to afford the serious weapons, armor and spells. [From VaultNetwork interview] The game contains 31 levels of dungeon, arranged into seven 4-level chunks and one 3-level endgame chunk. Technically, it's all one dungeon, as the levels are sequentially numbered and each chunk is tougher than the last, but they're not connected. So you'll have to explore more of the outdoor region if you want to find the next dungeon entrance ... Both the main-path and the incidental quests are randomized..." The first thing you want to do when you start the game is to set the run lock on, take the town tour, practice in the training grounds. Next, talk to all the villagers to receive your quests, then venture out of town, explore the land area, the proceed to level 1, try to complete your town quests, as they will usually give you about 10000 gold per quest, and get your skills as soon as possible. Know now that you can recharge your hp and mana in the dungeons or anywhere by pressing the 'r' button on the keyboard. The 'l' button will bring up your locations list, just in case you're lost. Good character pairs are also important, you do not want to have two of the same class, trust me, its better to have a warrior and priest etc than a warrior and amazon etc. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -|\ CHARACTERS | \ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -|__\ _THE WARRIOR_ The finest warriors are born in the heart of Ardyl's forests. From their earliest years, they have to become tough and develop absolute physical strength to be able to confront the dangers lurking in their region. As children, they learnt to survive in the most hostile of environments, to overwhelm wild beasts with their bare hands and, above all, to fight the goblins and skeletons, which abound in their land. They have also put their many expeditions to the various villages to good use by acquiring the mastery of swordsmanship. They usually end up as mercenaries or masters of arms. These warriors are now the strongest men alive. Their powerful, yet agile muscular frame makes them formidable opponents in direct combat. Their strength fills the lords with dread and few dare challenge them in single combat. They stalk their enemies with the patience of a hunting cat, and can swoop down on them with the speed of a hawk. They do have once weakness, however: they dislike magic because they consider it a demeaning means of combat. They prefer by far the incisive cut and hard steel of the sword to the use of spells. _THE AMAZON_ Amazons are fierce horsewomen who live in the region of Ardyl. They are entrusted at a young age to a Mother and soon become formidable warriors, showing no fear of either physical strength or magic powers. They learn as a group to compensate for their lack of physical strength through their agility and flexibility. Guided by their Mother, they must continually undergo a serious of stern trials with the aim of strengthening their spirit and making them a match for any warrior. The worst of these "character-building" trials involves them venturing into the goblins' den and bringing back the skull of their leaderÂ… The Amazons gain the upper hand in direct combat thanks to their agility and the way in which they can anticipate their opponent's blows. Their enemies describe it as being involved in a relentless dance of death. Similarly to the warriors, the Amazons have mastered the use of the sword, demonstrating impressive accuracy. It is, indeed, very rare for them to use magic. _THE WIZARD_ The greatest wizards come from the region of Marghor. Tradition has it that the ancient wizards always come to Marghor to choose those who have the Gift to become apprentice wizards. This happens when candidates are in their adolescence. Their whole life is then turned upside down. They return with their master to his tower, a solitary place conducive to reading and learning. These young wizards spend most of their time immersed in the spell books of the ancient wizards. For years on end they wear their eyesight out poring over scrolls, spending endless nights in their master's library. And then gradually, they begin to master increasingly difficult and complex spells. Unfortunately, however, the wizards' towers have now disappeared since the lizard and rat men invaded the region. They carried out attacks on the towers; killing may apprentices in the processÂ…. The young wizards have now been left with no alternative other than to fight for survival. But as they have never handled weapons they can only rely on their magic powers to defend themselves, as they have always preferred to concentrate on developing their minds, rather than their bodies. But, despite their lack of any physical strength, they have managed to impress their enemies with the intensity of their spells. _THE SORCERESS_ Very little is known about the sorceresses' early years. Rumor has it that they learnt their magic by themselves in the shady clearings of Marghor's forests. Others allege that the goddess Kaliba, herself, took them under her wing. The source of the sorceresses' power is Nature itself. And indeed, they have no match when it comes to knowing the right plants to combine in order to create terrible spells. But their most terrifying power, which may be seen as either a gift or a curse, is lycanthropy, which transforms them into a beast, half woman, half wolf. The sorceresses are universally feared on account of their potent magic. However, for some time now, the ingredients that make up their strange concoctions have become more difficult to find. Worse still, the rat and lizard men have overrun their territory. The Sorceresses realized that they wouldn't be strong enough to confront them, so they had to leave the safe cover of the trees and venture further out towards the villages. The village inhabitants still eye them with mistrust, even today, but the sorceresses pay little heed to this as it is vital for them to keep on the move, roaming the land of Uma in search of new ingredients that will enhance their magical powers. _THE MONK_ In the past, before the darkness descended, many monasteries were established in the region of Ormar. The prospective monks were sent to these monasteries where they became good men, enjoying the respect of all. The monks spent many years in this place of prayer, learning various combat techniques and spells. Although less accomplished than wizards or warriors in these respective arts, the monks have the advantage of being highly competent in the complementary disciplines of war and magic. Isolated from the rest of the world in their peaceful haven, they have had years to master the use of blunt weapons (i.e. those weapons other than swords). The staff has become their favorite weapon. They have also studied white magic, so that they can use it to help their neighbor and conquer Evil. There are now far fewer monks than there were in the past. Nearly all of the monasteries have fallen under attacks from the wyverns sweeping across the region. Monks now represent good, as well as life and its combat. They are still held in high regard because of both their skills with a staff and their ability to heal wounds. _THE PRIESTESS_ As with the monks, the priestesses have divided their lives between religious devotion and learning the arts of combat and magic. The source of their strength is their faith and they fight in the name of the gods. In a world increasingly threatened every day by the Darkness, they stand out as beacons of Good and Life. During their travels they offer assistance to beggars, and they are quite prepared to take on thieves in direct combat, or use their magic to alleviate the suffering of the sick. _THE ASSASIN_ In order to survive, assassins often begin their careers by relieving merchants of their purses. From their youth, they know how to move around in the dark without making a single sound and steal from sleeping travelers. Their exploits always end up attracting the attention of the Thieves Guild in Serkesh. The assassins have settled in this region, so that they can benefit from the lessons of more accomplished exponents than themselves. In time, the most able of the young apprentices can even surpass their masters. As they are cunning and nimble, assassins often use projectile weapons when attacking their opponents in combat. Even if they are capable of engaging in direct combat, they actually prefer to kill their enemy even before he has had the time to draw his sword or use his magic. This tactic is very effective against the serpents that are rife in the region. The assassins have also mastered a number of spells. _THE THIEF_ The thieves' reputation precedes them in the region of Serkesh. All of these women have demonstrated at one time or other that they have the stuff of which thieves are made. Thus, they became members of the renowned Thieves Guild, where they could develop their natural talents further. Within the guild they learnt to use their skills to break into merchants' lavish residences to steal gold and precious jewels. They also learnt how to kill sentries using projectile weapons and to set traps for travelers at nightfall. Their skill set is considerable and makes them very dangerous opponents, both in direct combat and when using long range weapons. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------|\ VILLAGE AND MAP GUIDE | \ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------|__\ _THE VILLAGE_ Welcome to the village, which is the gateway to the outer realms of despair, Here, you will find a guard who served under your late Father, talk to him often, he will provide you with much information on survival and tactics. The first time you encounter him, he will assign Murray, his right hand man, who will give you a tour of the village; I will explain the shops and locations in order of his tour. GUNTHER THE BLACKSMITH Here, you can buy or sell weapons or armor, upgrade or repair your weapons, it really is important to have good armor and weapons, although you will more often than not find better ones in the dungeons you explore for free. MADAM IRMA The town magician, Madam Irma will heal and remove curses for free, but identification of equipment comes with a price. PERRY THE PUBLICAN Perry not only runs a grocery store, but an inn as well, here you will find foods of all sorts to satisfy your hunger when needed and torches to light the way in dark dungeons. The inn will cost 100 gold, although he will let you stay for free if your broke. LARSAC THE USURER Welcome to the walking talking bank machine, you can leave your huge sums of money if you're finding them a drag to carry around, or course, you can withdraw it later. If only he paid interest. :P MASTER ELMERIC You can buy spell books, scrolls, and potions from Elmeric, at a ghastly high price, though. He also recharges weapons or armor, which can cast spells and have their own mana supply. MASTER DALSIN You MUST MAKE SURE you come here as often as skills are available to you, skills play a very important and extremely fun part of the game. TRAINING GROUNDS Welcome to the training grounds, besides being a warm up for the real battles outside, this serves as a much needed frustration venture, slaughter some poor creatures here if you wish. --------------------------------------------------------------------------|\ MAP GUIDE | \ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- |__\ Village North Ardyl The region of Ardyl has traditionally served as a refuge for Uma's fiercest warriors, as well as for the renowned Amazons. It is now being threatened by the presence of goblins and skeletons. North Marghor This region has long been the preferred haunt of Uma's most powerful wizards. They used to live in isolation from the rest of their world, in towers hidden away in the depths of Marghor's forests. There used to also be sorceresses, but now Marghor is under threat from the lizard and rat men, who have already burnt down the wizards' towers and massacred many sorceressesÂ… North Ormar Ormar was home to the most loyal servants of the gods, and many monasteries were built in the region. Monks and priestesses came here for training, as well as to strengthen their faith and learn the arts of magic and combat. But with this region now being taken over by the Wyverns, the monasteries have gradually begun to disappearÂ… Serkesh This land instills fear and dread in Uma's merchants. Its roads are far from safe, despite being patrolled by village police and guards, and there are very few that would dare travel along them unaccompanied. Serkesh is the most barren of Uma's lands. Only recently, serpents-snakes have begun to occupy the land at a quite astonishing rate. According to some rumors, dangerous thieves also inhabit it, but who can be sure? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------|\ SKILLS LIST AND EXPLAINATIONS | \ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------|__\ Warrior & Amazon Wizard & Sorceress Monk & Priestess Assassin & Thief ------------------------ ------------------------ ---------------------- ----------------- Trade Repair Identification Lycanthropy Perception Exorcism Identification Forester Learning Learning Trade Learnin Concentration Medicine Perception Concentration Recharging Prayer Defusing Orientation Detection Master of Arms Learning Master of Arms Communion Communion Theft Language Silence LEARNING Ability to quickly increase your character's experience. Gain levels faster TRADE Ability to bargain over the price you want to buy or sell an item at. Make better profits and cheaper buys COMMUNION Ability to recover mana stocks more quickly. Mana regenerates at an accelerated rate LANGUAGE Ability to decode coded messages (Multiplayer mode only). Eavesdrop on conversations more easily MASTER OF ARMS Ability to increase speed of attack and chances of a successful hit. Better fighting ability PERCEPTION Ability to detect traps. Crates or chests that have been rigged will be a bright red CONCENTRATION Ability to enhance your character's physical attributes temporarily (strength and dexterity) Important for though battles DEFUSING Ability to undo traps. Untrap the traps DETECTION Ability to detect magic objects. Magical objects are bright green EXORCISM Ability to remove spells from cursed objects carried by another player. Irma is no longer needed FORESTER Ability to find food by fishing. Fishing time! IDENTIFICATION Ability to identify all unknown objects. Irma is no longer needed LYCANTHROPY Ability to change your character into a werewolf. (All the mana magic points are used for strength). Amazing skill for the sorceress and wizards MEDICINE Ability to heal others. Others only! MEDITATION Ability to temporarily increase your number of mana points. Yeah, for a short time. ORIENTATION Ability to display the entire map for the regions and dungeons for a given period of time. Wow! Did you see that? PRAYER Ability to increase your character's armour class. Aren't the gods nice? RECHARGING Ability to recharge the magic objects you have. About time. REPAIR Ability to repair the weapons you have. Fails often at low levels SILENCE Ability of your character to move around without being noticed by his opponents. Great skill for Thieves and Assassins! THEFT Ability to rob the characters you meet. Help others carry their equipment ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------|\ SPELLS LIST AND EXPLAINATIONS | \ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------|__\ ABSORBTION Absorbs the enemy's vital energy during combat. The player can pick up life points using this. ANTIDOTE Is used to heal characters that have been poisoned. BERSERKER Increases the character's armour class, speed of attack and chance of gaining a hit during a certain period of time. You can also win life points. CONFUSION Plunges an enemy into total confusion, making him go and attack his comrades. DEATH DOME Creates a protection dome around a character. Anyone who tries to break through it will be injured. DETECTION Helps detect magic objects, which are then highlighted in blue. PANIC Causes panic amidst the enemy lines. FIREBALL Launches fire balls. FLAMETHROWER Launches huge flames at enemy targets. FOOD Provides your character with food. FORGETFULNESS Causes you to temporarily forget spells for monsters and erases the enemy players' pre-selected spells. HASTE Allows you to move faster. HEAL Provides healing. INVISIBILITY Makes a character invisible to everyone, but he may be given away by his footsteps. INVOCATION Invokes a fire golem, which attacks your enemies. LIGHT Creates a luminous aura around your character. Its power depends on your character's experience level. MAGIC BOMB Is similar to a mine and explodes on contact with the opponent or when a certain period of time has elapsed. It can be used to booby-trap chests. MAGIC DOOR Creates a door that allows your character to go back and forward between the dungeon and town. MAGIC ARROW Launches magic projectiles. MUTATION Turns the enemy target into a chicken. INFRAVISION Allows you to see the enemy better in dark areas. POISON CLOUD Produces a green cloud that poisons anyone who approaches it. LITANY Is used to heal characters that have been poisoned. REFLECTION Rebounds any spells cast or projectiles thrown at you onto your aggressor. RAISE DEAD Allows you to revive your character. SLOWNESS Slows down your enemy target's speed of movement and combat. SPARK Throws sparks at a target. STONE Turns the target creature to stone. STORM Pushes back any enemy at close range to the thrower. Any enemy touching a wall gets damage points against him. TELEKINESIS Can be used to open up chests, pick up objects and pull levers from a distance. TELEPORTATION Allows your character to move instantly to anywhere he chooses. Please note that some places are not accessible via teleportation. THUNDER Throws lightning bolts at the enemy. TRANSFORMATION Turns the enemy target into a chicken. WALL OF FIRE Creates a wall of fire. --------------------------------------------------------------------|\ QUESTS | \ --------------------------------------------------------------------|__\ =============== VILLAGE QUESTS =============== *Please note, there are over 20 quests and I am still playing the game and finding new quests everyday, therefore this is not the complete list. Please send the quests that you have encountered. Note that quest items are found randomly in stages. Quest items from the villagers can be found anywhere in the dungeons; the rewards are very generous, about 10000 gold per quest Other town quests include quests to kill something/someone for a measly around 6500 gold. Dragon scales Holy Grail Shield of light Medallion of melchoir Bard's Music score Unicorn's horn Celestial harp Â…Â… that's all I've found out so far. ============= LAND QUESTS ============= THE JEALOUS OLD WHICH Many years ago, an old which cast a spell, whomever woman dared be more beautiful than her would be turned to stone, years passed, now she is an old woman, and the women in the village have all been turned into stone. First, talk to the husbands, they will tell you of the curse, then talk to the which, man is she old, next, go search the dungeons for the mirror of lies. This mirror is special, it will make all those who are ugly seem beautiful and all those who are beautiful seem ugly when they gaze into the mirror. Bring the mirror to the old hag and she will remove the curse. Talk to the wives, then husbands and a Crystal is yours. THE SICKLY HUSBAND A Husband has poisoned his wife for a will, now he regrets his actions. First talk to the husband, then look in the treasure chest located near a tent, open it, you will find a letter, pick up the letter and click on the man and he will admit to it. Now you must bring him to the wizard, this wizard will give you a cup, and tell you to fill it in the fountain of light, so enter the dungeon. In the dungeon, you will have to seek out the 4 crystals, then place them around the fountain of light to direct the purple light into the fountain, once done, fill the cup and lets go. Give the full cup to the sickly wife, she will thank you and give you another crystal. DRAKUS THE SLY BUSSINESSMAN When you approach Drakus, he will tell you his wheel of the sun, a prized artifact was stolen by the clan of Kaliba, and promises to reward you might you return it. In the dungeon, you first have to pass a test to become a member of Kaliba, in order to get into the temple and retrieve the sun orb. Approach the old man, he will tell you to enter the room, do so. Now, it's a test of luck, look for a key, in order to do so, you have to flip the right lever, or monsters will be released, the worst monster was the spectre, who kicked my ass a couple of times. Once you have the key, proceed through the door. Now, you will be tested to kill a captured criminal, I'm not sure if there is an alternative way, but I killed him :P And lots of spiders came buzzing out, but they're no problem, now, get the key behind the torture rack and get to the next room, now you may choose weapon out of three, I chose the disciple's sword, which isn't bad., now you are officially a member of the Kaliba, you will be given a amulet from the old man, now wear it and enter the temple, around the temple, you will notice a dead body, check the body and you will notice a note, read it, it will say something about a secret passage in the temple, heehee. Enter the temple, you will have 2 choices to get the orb, 1, grab it on the table, all the monks will turn into skeletons and attack you, or 2, look for a lever on the left wall, pull it and enter the secret passage. Look in the tomb and kill that guy, he will pop the orb when he is dead, now get back to Drakus. Drakus will thank you, then morph he and his minions into monsters, kill them off, then retrieve the crystal. DISSAPEARING NEIGHBORS A couple will tell you about their neighbors disappearing, their will being dry, and hearing strange noises from the well, enter the well to proceed to the dungeon. In the dungeon, you will find some nests, but leave them alone for now. Proceed to the area where the skeleton is, Click on it, and it will come to life! Kill it off and retrieve the armor of fear, now go back to those nests, wear the armor and CHARGE! Cast fear once and all the little spiders will run away from you, perfect opportunity to destroy the nests, once you destroyed them and rescued the neighbors. Once of them will give you a sword, telling you it is the only weapon which can destroy the queen spider, so, here we go. Next level, you will find some cobwebs, slash through them to enter a room where there are a couple of nests, same tactic, fear, destroy, now for the big momma. No use killing of the small spiders, the queen will just shoot more out of her big fat a**, so just equip the sword and slash away, after a while, she will die. Yay, go back up now. Hardy harhar, the neighbors will thank you and you will get a crystal. Yay! Note that another way to complete this quest making more money is to sell of the armor of fear, and just use the reflection spell when encountering the small spiders and they'll kill themselves! CELESTIAL SWORD/DISSAPEARING CRYSTAL You will notice the path to the Celestial sword is being blocked by a barrier, go talk to the old man and he will tell you a new breed of lizard/monsters is being hatched as eggs, Well, enter the dungeon already. Somewhere in the level where you start, you will find a room with big eggs, if you try to attack them, the warrior will say something like you need the celestial sword. Look around the level, you will find a man, he will give you the Celestial symbol, run back up to the place where the Celestial sword is and place the symbol on the stone. Run in, you will encounter a few monsters, then get the sword and head back down. Using the celestial sword, destroy all the eggs, then proceed back up to talk to the old man. He will praise you and give you the Celestial dagger, Do not throw it away, you need it to get the crystal. After heading down a few more levels, you will find a crystal on one out of two pedestals, everytime you try to get the crystal, it teleports to the other pedestal, so, stick the Celestial dagger into one pedestal, and you can get the crystal. I'm not sure, but after this mission, you will encounter -------------------------------------------------------------------------|\ TACTICS AND HINTS | \ -------------------------------------------------------------------------|__\ Know that the value of armor or weapons decreases as the max duration and current duration decrease, always repair if you have the skill before selling equipment off. Characters can grow old. You start of at 20 years, you must find ways and means to prolong their youth. Every monster has its traits, meaning each monster has its own pattern in attack, movement, etc, knowing your enemy well will result in more efficient kills. Use your skills! Each class features its different skills, use them well, they can really help a lot! To set spells, simply press the numbers 1-5, bring up your spell book and hold shift while clicking on the spell you wish to place under the number. THE 'CROAK' TACTIC If heavily overpowered by a ungodly powerful enemy, use a long range offensive spell or weapon to keep our of harm's way, if he has long range offensive capabilities as well, attack, dodge, attack, dodge, etc Croaking will get you through the harder parts of the game. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- |\ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS | \ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- |__\ How do you set spells to numbers? To set spells, simply press the numbers 1-5, bring up your spell book and hold shift while clicking on the spell you wish to place under the number. My ****** skill is at level ****, but how do I use it? Is it automatic? You have to press the 't' key on your keyboard, this will bring up your skills list, from there, select the skill you wish to use and execute the skill just like a spell, by right-clicking your mouse. Help! I'm lost! No problem, if you get lost ANYWHERE in the game, just press the 'l' button on your keyboard, this will bring up your visited locations list, select the location and you will automatically begin walking to that location. The characters are to small/big! I can't see what's going on! Use your arrow keys, left and right to rotate, and up and down to zoom in and out I was wondering if anyone knew if the Internet multiplayer would be like battle.net? Darkstone will be played on heat.net. It will be a bit like battle.net. Darkstone multiplayer will work as follows. In Multiplayer mode you can control only one character, but the objective of the game still remains the same: to re-create the Time Orb and overcome Draak. At the beginning of a multiplayer game, one player should be made game master. He is responsible for starting the "session" and can allow other player to join in the game. Playing a game in Multiplayer mode 1. If you are the game master: First of all, click NEW GAME, then MULTIPLAYER from the menu that appears. Select or create your character, then confirm your choice. A screen appears displaying the services available. You should then click on either of the two communications protocols offered: TCP/IP or IPX. Note: IPX is generally for LAN connections only, whereas TCP/IP can be used for both LAN and Internet. Once you have selected the connection mode the "Session" menu appears. Click on Create a session if you wish to start a new Multiplayer game. You should then select the difficulty level. As in One Player mode, there are three levels available: Novice, Expert and Master. Your character's experience level determines the difficulty levels that you can access. The game will then begin. You can either wait for the other players or carry on the game on your own. Click on Load a session game if you wish to resume a game which has previously been saved.. The last game played in Multiplayer is loaded and the game begins. 2. If you are not the game master: You initially follow the same procedure specified above for the game master: Click NEW GAME, then MULTIPLAYER. Select or create your character. Select the communications protocol. Then, when the Session menu appears you should click Join a session. For games using only TCP/IP, you will be prompted to enter the IP address (a series of numbers separated by points) or the standard Internet address (starting, for example, with www) of the server or game master you want to connect to. Note: The game master can ascertain his IP address by running the Windows 95 or 98 winipcfg.exe program, which he should then pass on to the other players. A screen will appear with a list of the sessions available. Please note that the game master selects the difficulty level of the game on the basis of his character. If this is a level that you cannot access, you will not be able to join that session (it will not even be listed on the scroll). If there are sessions available that you can join, select the one you wish to join, confirm and the game will begin. You will then be connected to the game master and the other players. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|\ CREDITS | \ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- |__\ Many thanks go to the Unofficial Darkstone site (http://redrival.com/darkstone/index.htm) Delphine soft, DSI, 3D realms, ritual, epic megagames, gathering developer For creating the kickass game! And last but not least me, Reuben for slaving typing endlessly hour after hour for YOU GUYS! Questions? Comments? Input? Personal problems? Contact me and I'll try to help. ICQ = 28726882 Email: Negativedge@ignmail.com God bless y'all! :p ENDING QUOTE: Thief: Help! Someone stole my crystal of Virtue!</p>