Darksiders 2 behind-the-scenes clip makes developers confront their feelings on Death

The attempt to understand what lies beyond life has preoccupied humans since time immemorial. Videogames have been stepping up to the discussion since their inception; while the medium's contribution skews heavily in favor of reincarnation, every once in a while someone'll find a reason to ruminate on the character of Death himself. Or, as in the case of this Darksiders 2 developer chat, to put that character in a videogame and make him as much of a scythe-totin' badass as possible.

Having previously established that Death is going to be heroing it up in DS2, positioned him as a lone warrior and shown off his ability to look good while dispatching foes, this clip's more internal focus rounds out the character nicely. The voice-actor for Death, Michael Wincott, has previously played scary psychos in several of the 90s' best scary-psycho movies (not to mention Halo 2), it would be nice to hear how the actor brought timeless menace to the role of Death, but one suspects the answer would just be, “opening his mouth.” Darksiders 2's still on track to release in mid-2012.