Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

You'll play as a warrior, assassin or mage, and you'll be able to approach situations in ways that are suitable to your class. For example, as a skull-bashing warrior, you fear nothing, and stride straight into the fray. Heave your claymore into that hellspawn demon - it clanks angrily into his armor, and the force of your blow knocks him backwards - and right off that cliff behind him.

Fancy yourself a magic man? As a mage, you can cast an ice spell, not at the demon, but onto the ground beneath him. He'll be slip-sliding away without any further help. Sub Zero wins.

Predictably, as an assassin, you could sneak past your enemies, leaving them behind. But with all the reactive, physical goodies that abound in this world, you won't be able to resist launching a couple of flaming arrows into oil-filled barrels, creating a room-clearing inferno. Nock, nock, boom.