Dark Knight viral Oscar push starts here

Why so serious, indeed...

With the Academy's notorious reputation for favouring weighty chin-strokers over genre movies, fans are throwing their full internet weight behind the campaign to get The Dark Knight the gongs it deserves.

DK shrine Dark Campaign is leading the charge with a beautifully crafted 'For Your Consideration' video pushing the film's case with clips and review quotes.

The fansite have shown their, umm, seriousness by setting up a Facebook group urging fans to post playing cards to trade mag Variety ("Find a deck of cards, remove the joker card, with a red pen, somewhere on the card write, 'Why So Serious? For Your Consideration: Heath Ledger - Best Supporting Actor. The Dark Knight - Best Picture Of 2008."

There's also a terrific pair of spoof promo posters doing the rounds (see them in the gallery on the right).

totalfilm.com thinks Ledger is a lock for Supporting Actor, but there's still some way to go to get Nolan the recognition he deserves.

Help out by joining the Dark Campaign .

Question: How many Oscars should The Dark Knight get?