Daniel Craig reflects on his Star Wars cameo in The Force Awakens

Daniel Craig in new James Bond movie No Time to Die
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Daniel Craig has reflected on his brief time in the Star Wars universe. The former James Bond actor cameoed as a stormtrooper in The Force Awakens, but hasn't returned to the galaxy far, far away since. 

"I love [Star Wars], of course I do. I wouldn't have asked to be in them if I wasn't a fan," Craig told the Happy Sad Confused podcast. 

He went on to explain how his cameo came about, too. "Ben Dixon, who's an AD [Assistant Director] on the movie who AD'd our movies, I was on Pinewood because I was doing fittings," Craig said. "I just said, 'Could I get a part in this?' And he went, 'Yeah.' [Laughs]'

Craig added: "Next day, I'm in a fucking suit. These things, they do not fit. All I remember is I had to wear this suit all day and I couldn't feel my hands at the end of the day. And I thought, 'God, these poor people have to wear them in the desert.' Kudos to these people."  

If you're wondering just which stormtrooper was hiding Craig behind the shiny white armor, he was none other than the guard who was Jedi mind tricked by Rey into releasing her on Starkiller Base. 

Next up on the Star Wars live-action release slate is The Mandalorian season 3, which arrives March 1, 2023. Craig, meanwhile, stars in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, which is currently streaming on Netflix. 

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