Da Vinci's Demons Episode 3 "The Prisoner" Preview

Da Vinci’s Demons Episode 1.03 “The Prisoner”

First up, here’s series creator David S Goyer with another exclusive intro to the episode for you…

[VAMS id="TdXgdOlDTjDbo"]

Synopsis: As the search for the Medici spy continues, Lorenzo discovers the disturbing news of an outbreak of demonic possessions in a nearby convent. Blaming the Medici's lack of virtue, Riario sends his men to Florence to “solve” the problem. What he doesn't know is that da Vinci is already on the case.

• If episode two was a bit Sherlock , this one is more like House
Possessed nuns!
• There’s a particularly gruesome suicide scene that can’t fail to make you flinch
Clarice Orisini (Lara Pulver), Lorenzo’s wife finally has some decent screen time, and she proves to be a very intriguing individual… either the most forgiving wife ever, or the canniest one.
• “When you start licking paintings, I think it’s time to accept that the devil is here.”
• But who’s he playing against? In the literal sense (figuratively the answers pretty obvious)
• There’s a dream sequence that is quite possibly the most disturbing thing you’ll see on TV this year (so long as Simon Cowell doesn’t do a pole dance on Britain’s Got Toenails ). It’s proper, full-on horror movie gross-out stuff
“When you start licking paintings, I think it’s time to accept that the devil is here.”
• Lots of good exorcism drama!
Many, many bare breast, not all of them particularly attractive.
• We reckon there may be Nico support groups on the ’net soon, Leo is so horrible to him at times… (we assume you know his surmane, though? Clearly he has an arc coming)
Giuliano acts like more of a dick than ever before, but you may start to sympathise with him too.
• Lucrezia is getting the feeling that walls of the cage are closing in…
“Are you threatening me with a spoon now?”

Da Vinci’s Demons airs in the UK on FOX, Fridays at 10pm

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