D23: Dan Scanlon and Billy Crystal talk Monsters University

Monsters University might feature Michael 'Mike' Wazowski and James P 'Sulley' Sullivan's college days but the prequel film also saw the production team heading back to school too.

“At Pixar we do our homework before we start work and that meant literally going back to school,” said director Dan Scanlon, before joking: “Most of us went to art school and have no idea what a real university looks like.”

“It's an animated college movie,” Scanlon said, before exclusively revealing the younger designs for Sully and Mike and showing off some of the other characters. “You've got your cool monsters, your nerdy monsters and even goth monsters.”

He also revealed that Steve Buscemi would return as the voice of Randall Boggs.

Billy Crystal and John Goodman looked like they were having fun in a video message played onscreen to the crowd, before Crystal stepped off camera and through the curtains to show up live on stage to an appreciative audience.

Talking about the voice acting he said Goodman and himself were having a lot of fun being back together after 10 years, adding that, “college is a long way away for me!”

It'll be quite a wait for Monsters University : “Our film is still two years out but we wanted to show you as much as we can,” Scanlon said.