It looks like Cuphead is coming to PS4

(Image credit: Studio MDHR)

At long last, it would appear the famously punishing Cuphead is making its way to PS4, after listings were found on international PlayStation stores Monday afternoon.

As spotted by the ever eagle-eyed Wario64 on Twitter, Cuphead flashed occupied a space in the New Games section of the PlayStation Store before it was taken down without a replacement in place. Apparently, clicking on the listing didn't load anything.

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First released in 2017 on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, StudioMDHR's retro-styled platformer later released on other PC platforms, and in 2019 on Nintendo Switch. Hell, you can play Cuphead on your Tesla's car screen, so it's about time it comes to PS4.

The fact that it appeared on the PlayStation Store at all is convincing enough, but The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley added further confirmation by teasing "a special update from one of our favorite indie studios" coming Tuesday, July 28. Keighley also tweeted and deleted a reply to Wario64, seemingly confirming the news.

So, not only is Cuphead likely on its way to PS4, but it's probably happening pretty soon. If the port is announced Tuesday, it shouldn't be too long after that it shows up for keeps on the PlayStation Store. Tune in to the Summer Game Fest stream on Tuesday at 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm BST and (maybe, probably) hear the news yourself in real-time.

Check out the first sneak peak Netflix recently shared for The Cuphead Show, which is something every Cuphead fan should be excited about.

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