Cult Adult Swim animation Final Space returns as a graphic novel

The Final Space characters
(Image credit: Olan Rogers)

Adult Swim's cult animated series Final Space carved out a highly dedicated audience over three seasons of interstellar adventures, but was cut short in September 2021 when the series was cancelled. Today, the show's creator, Olan Rogers, has announced that the story is getting a definitive conclusion in an original graphic novel.

Over at the Final Space Twitter account, Rogers posted: "I can finish Final Space. This isn't a joke. After two years of trying Warner Brothers Discovery gave me a license for a graphic novel. THE FINAL CHAPTER begins today!"

In a video also released on the account, Rogers went into more detail on the project, including the caveats of his deal with Warner Bros. Discovery, who own Adult Swim

Final Space: The Final Chapter will be a one-time-only release, currently limited to 10,000 copies, with no digital release. It can also only be bought directly from the book's website (so it won't be available on Amazon or in comic stores).

Despite these apparent downsides and what he calls the "insane challenge" of bringing everything to a satisfying conclusion, Rogers is ebullient about being able to put a cap on the story of astronaut Gary Godspeed and his alien friend Mooncake. He has promised that the book will be big, saying, "There's a lot to wrap up in this story, so I have to imagine the page count is gonna be pretty chunky." He has also stated that every copy of the book, which retails at $125, will be personally signed.

Final Space: The Final Chapter will be published at a date TBC in 2024. It can be pre-ordered directly from Rogers now at

The cover for Final Space: The Final Chapter showing lots of characters from the series.

(Image credit: Olan Rogers)

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