Crysis 2 souvenir guide

Everybody likeshaving souvenirs of the trips they've taken,even if that trip is through a hellish,alien infested New York City.Thankfully there are 18 different New York City themed souvenirs that are scattered throughoutCrysis 2that you can nabfor the Tourist Achievement / Trophy.They'll also help you rememberallthoseprecious moments you spent tearing through the City that never sleeps.

Souvenir Video Guide

Mission 1: Second Chance

After you force open the security doors during your scan and reach the street again, head north. You will come to “Thepharmacy” and “The Drug Store” that you need to cut through on the east side. When you enter The Drug Store, the small Statue of Liberty souvenir will be on the counter right in front of you.

Mission 2: Sudden Impact

If you head down the street to the right, there is a parking garage opening that leads underground.Head into there and follow it through to the other side and you will come to a small booth. The collectible is inside, but to get to it you’ll need to bash down the door.Do so and the small car statue will be all yours.

Mission 3: Road Rage

Right near the beginning of this mission, hop up the orange scaffolding and follow the ledge around to the right to the far corner where the bed and living quartersare set up.You can find the collectible stashed in the corner there beside a board against the wall.

Mission 4: Lab Rat

After the helicopter comes comes crashing down, hop down the opening it creates in the floor and find the glass covers cityscape on a crate in the south corner.

Mission 5: Gate Keepers

Once you reach the church -it’s pretty hard to miss- head to the opening/walkway underneath it and you will find a small statue of the church there against the wall on a table behind some stacked boxes.

Mission 6: Dead Man Walking

Once you blow open the security door on the roof, follow the stairs down to the office at the far end of the corridor. Inside the office to the right will be a hotdog cart statue.

Mission 7: Seat of Power

As you enter the office building after the tents and stretchers near the beginning, head up the stairs and then make a left at the top and then a quick right.Inside the room there, you’ll find the next statue souvenir on a table in the left corner.

Mission 8: Dark Heart

After the first subway tunnel journey, make your way through the green door and continue through the corridor.When you come to the large shadow on the left wall of the tiny alien bug, make a left through the doorway there and enter the room to find the souvenir at the far side of the room.

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