Crysis 2 multiplayer strategy – how to stop dying so damn much

The Gauss Juggernaut

Suggested Weapon
Any Weapon w/Gauss Attachment

Suggested Suit Modules
Armor Enhance

“The Gauss Juggernaut” is meant specifically to deal with other players using their Armor ability. The strategy centers mostly on the gauss attachment of your weapon, which equips you with six gauss rounds. These suckers can be fired from long range (like a sniper rifle). If the round doesn’t kill your enemy outright, he’ll at least be drained of all his energy, so you can switch back to primary fire and do cleanup. In a nutshell, you activate your armor and nail your targets with gauss rounds so they can’t use their armor. You win.

Above: Dammit, this game looks good

Use whatever modules you want for Stealth and Power. The only important Suit Module that you need is Armor Enhance. This module reduces the energy drain on being in Armor mode and improves how much punishment you can take.

Bait and Tackle

Suggested Weapon
Any Weapon w/Holographic Attachment

Suggested Suit Modules
Proximity Alarm
Stealth: Tracker
Power: Point Fire Enhance

This loadout will help you root out those players who like to camp in dark corners and shoot at all passersby. You’ll be relying heavily on your weapon’s hologram attachment to send out decoys that will bait any hidden players to reveal themselves in the most embarrassing way possible. The hologram can be used as often as you want and will run blindly to wherever you point it.

Above: “I seeee yoooou…”

The Proximity Alarm will give you the head’s up when you’re getting close to a room that may have a camper or two. We’ve honestly found this Armor module to be the best for this style of play. You really have to be doing something wrong if you walk into an ambush with this sucker equipped.

The Cloak Tracker Stealth module has the nifty ability of showing you exactly where an enemy player activated Cloak. While this won’t necessarily help you with someone who’s been running all over the damn place, it’s perfect for finding campers who like to stay rooted in one spot for the majority of the game.

While you can honestly pick whatever Power module you want for this build, we’d suggest using Point Fire Enhance. This module enhances your hip fire so that the bullets don’t spread out so much. Considering that you’ll most likely be engaging in a lot of close encounters, it’d be worth investing in.

Nanosuit Modules to Avoid

Weapon Pro
Power Module

Weapon Pro enables you to reload your weapons much faster than normal. This module is made entirely pointless by the fact that you can turn invisible to reload your weapon in complete safety. Pass.

Side Pack
Power Module

Side Pack equips you with an additional clip of ammunition for your primary weapon. If you’re capable of expending all of the ammo for your particular gun without dying and are unable to scavenge the bodies of those mere mortals who were unfortunate enough to cross your path, then we would like to shake your hand. And then smack you upside the head. Even so, a player that’s good enough to survive this long could make better use out of other modules.

Threat Tracer
Armor Module

Threat Tracer highlights all incoming enemy bullets with bright green tracers. The only problem with this perk is that enemy fire is already highlighted with bright white tracers that are just as easy to discern. If you have a particular fondness for neon green, then knock yourself out. Otherwise, just learn to have a keener eye.

Air Stomp
Armor Module

We hate putting Air Stomp on this list. It’s a badass power that enables you to fly through the air like an enraged sci-fi gorilla dragon only to come crashing down on to your hapless foes. The only problem with this is that online lag makes this ability finicky at best and almost useless at worst.

The ability is also catered to one very particular combat situation. Unless you spend the majority of your multiplayer matches on elevated terrain overlooking the enemy team, you won’t find much conventional use for this module. Still, the ability is fun as hell.

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