Crysis, the none-more-gorgeous PC sci-fi shooter from Far Cry creator Crytek, will be throwing you into epic multiplayer battles in its Power Struggle match - a Battlefield-threatening, 32-player mash-up that could span 10 hours of blasting action as you duke it out on foot, in tanks and across the skies.

After Far Cry's disappointingly buggy multiplayer mess, Crysis is aiming to offer a far more engaging online option. Casual killers can opt for the game's Tactical Deathmatch, Tactical Team Deathmatch or Tactical Capture the Flag modes, but the real clock-bothering action will be kicking off in Power Struggle matches, with long-term players able to improve their standing on the server.

Like Battlefield 2142's excellent Titan mode, the aim of Crysis' Power Struggle is to take out your opponent's HQ. But, although there's a huge range of vehicles, the only effective way to succeed is in recovering alien technology from the randomly placed crash sites on each level, and upgrading your team's offensive capabilities.

As fresh recruits to the Power Struggle mode you'll enter the fighting as either a US or Korean solider, kitted out with only a pistol, basic armor and your wits. But by earning credits throughout the conflict - by killing enemies, capturing objectives or looting alien crash sites - you'll be able to upgrade both your armor and your arsenal, as well as ordering yourself a ride into battle.