Crossplay and cross-gen play are coming to Watch Dogs Legion online modes

Watch Dogs Legion
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Ubisoft has confirmed that the Watch Dogs Legion development team is "working on adding" crossplay and cross-generational-play to its recently-released online mode.

While there's currently no hint at timescales, the social media team on the official Watch Dogs Twitter page has made several tweets to players over the last few days, promising that while crossplay and cross-gen play isn't yet available, the team is working on implementing those features in a "later update". 

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"While crossplay and cross-generation-play is currently not available for the Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode, the development team is working on adding this feature to the game with a later update," explained one tweet. 

The team has answered in a similar way to other players who posed the same question.

The online mode of Watch Dogs Legion has finally launched on consoles and Google Stadia. The PC launch of the game's online mode, however, has been indefinitely delayed, following the discovery of an issue that would crash the game for players with certain GPU loadouts. 

Watch Dogs Legion's online mode was originally slated to launch in December 2020 on both current-gen consoles, next-gen consoles, and PC, but was postponed to early 2021 due to Ubisoft wishing to dedicate more time to fix and patch the game on all platforms. 

The online mode has now finally launched on console, but we'll have to keep an ear out for any additional details on the launch for PC players.

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