Crimson Peak receives early praise from Stephen King and Joe Hill

While Guillermo Del Toro’s gothic horror Crimson Peak is seven months away from release, the director has already assembled an early cut of the movie. A copy of which was screened for two of horror’s most celebrated authors last weekend.

Stephen King and his son Joe Hill were treated to a sneak preview of the finished film, which takes place in an eerie Victorian mansion where a young author is torn between her affection for a childhood friend and a mysterious new suitor.

Both scribes subsequently took to Twitter to post their verdicts. The successful duo showered the film with praise, heaping on a number of favourable comparisons in the process. Here’s what Hill had to say:

“Remember that list I tweeted the other day, the 13 most beautiful horror films. CRIMSON PEAK is the most beautiful of all.

“CRIMSON PEAK is Del Toro's blood-soaked AGE OF INNOCENCE, a gloriously sick waltz through Daphne Du Maurier territory.”

Not long after, King followed suit:

“Was treated to a screening of Guillermo del Toro's new movie, CRIMSON PEAK, this weekend. Gorgeous and just f--king terrifying.”

“CRIMSON PEAK electrified me in the same way Sam Rami's EVIL DEAD electrified me when I saw it for the first time way back in the day.”

That’s one impressive stamp of approval.

Crimson Peak opens on October 16th, and stars Mia Wasikowska, Charlie Hunnam, Jessica Chastain and Tom Hiddleston.

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