Creepshow season 3 trailer packs in scares, screams, and… a Shining homage

In case it wasn't obvious by the presence of Spirit Halloween stores popping up in every abandoned strip mall across America…. Spooky season is here. Another indicator of Halloween's imminent arrival? This latest trailer for season three of Shudder horror anthology series, Creepshow which is set to return in September.

The Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero produces, writes, and directs each episode of the series which takes inspiration from the 1982 movie of the same name. Each season packs in bite-sized scary tales that err on the gorier, scarier side of the genre: Goosebumps, this ain't. 

For season three, it looks like we're getting more of the same. Six episodes, each containing two stories. Earlier at this year's Comic-Con@Home panel, Nicotero explained what fans can expect from the season ahead: 

“We have a Joe Hill story called Mums that Ethan Embry stars in. There’s a couple original stories; the story that James [Remar] stars in is called Skeletons in the Closet about a prop collector who, as it turns out, is such a fanatical fan that he digs up skeletons that were used in movies to add to his prop collection."

“So it’s sort of loosely based on the legend that in Dawn of the Dead and Poltergeist that they used real skeletons as props for movies. I always loved the idea of, like, ‘Wait, that was a person and their skeleton was used?’.” 

Other teases which we glimpse here are an episode called Meter Reader, which Nicotero says contains "a little nod to The Exorcist." Granted, it's a short trailer clocking in at only a minute, but there's plenty of fun for horrorhounds, including a slew of on-the-nose dialogue and a nice Shining homage, too. 

Previous seasons have boasted a crop of recognisable names and this third batch of episodes looks no different. Appearing alongside Embry and Remar are Michael Rooker, Johnathon Schaech, Reid Scott, Hannah Fierman, and King Bach.

Creepshow season 3 lands on Shudder – where you can head now to catch the first two seasons – on September 23. Ahead of its drop, why not test your mettle and check out our picks of the best horror movies ever made?

Gem Seddon

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