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Crash of the Titans Unlockables

  • Wii | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Crash skin unlocks


    Battler Skin: Jack 35 Battlers

    Bratgirl Skin: Beat 130 Bratgirls

    Doom Monkey Skin: Beat 500 Doom Monkeys

    Goar Skin: Jack 30 Goars

    Halloween Skin: Complete 50% of the game

    Koo-Ala Skin: Defeat 150 Koo-Alas

    Ratnician Skin: Defeat 200 Ratnicians

    Rhinoroller Skin: Jack 30 Rhinrollers

    Scorporilla Skin: Jack 15 Scorporillas

    Snipe Skin: Jack 50 Snipes

    Spike Skin: Jack 50 Spikes

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Aiming To Please (20)
    Jack 20 Projectile Creatures By Any Means.

    Alive & Kicking (10)
    Complete All Episodes on Hard.

    All Bark, No Might (10)
    Jack Uka Uka.

    Baker's Dozen (13)
    Jack 13 Strongs By Any Means.

    Barking Up The Wronged Tree (25)
    Complete All Uka Tree Episodes.

    Beach Blanket Bombardment (15)
    Complete All Beach Episodes.

    Brutal Buffet (35)
    Jack 5 Of Every Type Of Jackable Creature.

    Carry A Bigger Stick (15)
    Jack 5 Captains By Any Means.

    Courting Catastrophe (25)
    Complete All Cortex Lair Episodes.

    Crate Crazy (20)
    Smash 100 Crates Of Any Scale.

    Duplex Planet (20)
    Play Co-Op.

    Easy Pickings (15)
    Collect 5 Hidden Idols.

    Facts of Strife (15)
    Complete All Factory Episodes.

    Fits Like A Glove (10)
    Unlock 1 Creature Costume Idol.

    Five By Five (10)
    Accrue 5 Extra Lives.

    Gimme Some Skin (26)
    Unlock 10 Creature Costume Idols.

    Gold Digger (15)
    Earn 1 Gold Episode Idol.

    Goose Goose Duck! (10)
    Jack A Yuktopus.

    Hard Knocks (60)
    Earn Gold for All Episodes on Hard.

    Harder They Fall (15)
    Complete All Lumber Yard Episodes.

    Jack King (75)
    Complete 100% of the Game.

    Like A Cat (20)
    Accrue 9 Extra Lives.

    Master At Harms (25)
    Defeat 200 Minion Fodder.

    Master Of Disguise (36)
    Unlock All Creature Costume Skins.

    Medium Rare (35)
    Earn Gold for All Episodes on Medium.

    Midas Touch (25)
    Earn 10 Gold Episode Idols.

    Mojo Magic (10)
    Complete 1 Mojo Room Challenge.

    Mojo Mania (15)
    Complete 10 Mojo Room Challenges.

    Mojofied (30)
    Unlock & Upgrade All Crash's Abilities.

    Mojophoria! (25)
    Complete All Mojo Room Challenges.

    Monster Whisperer (30)
    Jack 75 Strong Creatures.

    Over Easy (25)
    Earn Gold for All Episodes on Easy.

    Ringer (15)
    Earn 5 Gold Episode Idols.

    Sampler Pack (30)
    Jack 1 Of Every Type Of Jackable Creature.

    Self-Help Guru (15)
    Fully Upgrade Crash's Health.

    Soaking In It (20)
    Unlock 5 Creature Costume Idols.

    Stayin' Alive (30)
    Accrue 15 Extra Lives.

    Sticky Fingers (15)
    Jack Nina's Arachnina.

    Temple Of Boom (10)
    Complete Temple Episode.

    Tiny Detour (10)
    Complete Lava Episode.

    Treasure Hunter (25)
    Collect All 20 Hidden Idols.

    Whumpa Warrior (15)
    Complete All Whumpa Island Episodes.

Crash of the Titans Hints

  • DS | Submitted by Banana Hammock

    Alternate Ending

    Receive 100% (collect all gems and crystals) and beat the Cortexbot level to watch an alternate ending to the game.

  • PS2 | Submitted by TheSimpsonsGame

    Beat Bosses and tough mutants


    Okay, if you're stuck with a boss or big mutant (like a Scorporilla) this cheat will be very helpful. Look for other weaker mutants to jack, then use their power to beat the big one. If there are no other mutants around, don't punch! Use the triangle button, or do a spin or jackhammer, repeatedly. Sooner or later you will beat the mutant. It's easy when you know how!

Crash of the Titans Cheats

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Pause Menu

    Big Head - X, X, Y, A
    Shadow - Y, X, Y, A

  • PS2, PSP | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Pause menu

    Big Head - Hold R1 and press Square, Square, Triangle, and X
    Shadow - Hold R1 and press Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, X