Cozy Grove looks like Animal Crossing if your island was full of ghosts

Cozy Grove
(Image credit: Spry Fox)

A new game called Cozy Grove looks like an Animal Crossing island filled with charming ghosts.

You can see the release date reveal trailer for Cozy Grove just below, which is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC on the Epic Games Store and Steam next month on April 8. However, if you're an Apple Arcade subscriber, you can download the game right now on iPhone or iPad (which is just what we did earlier today).

In short, Cozy Grove is lovely. At the beginning of the game, you're recruited into the Spirit Scouts, and sent to a mysterious island to make contact with the local spirits, earning badges and helping out the ghostly population one spirit at a time. It's sort of an Animal Crossing-like but with ghostly characters filling out the remaining population on the island outside of you.

For these ghostly characters, you need to perform tasks and duties in order to earn your Spirit Scout badges. A local fire ghost needs wood to keep burning, for example, so you need to scour your surroundings and come up with the timber they need to keep them burning bright. It's a very relaxing little game, with an art style that reminds us of Don't Starve (but with a less menacing aesthetic).

There's a chance you've already played any one of the previous games from Cozy Grove's developer. Spry Fox was established in 2010, and have gone on to produce a litany of mobile titles over the 11 years since they were established, including Triple Town, Steambirds, Alphabear, Realm of the Mad God, Bushido Bear, and many others. Cozy Grove might be the latest release from Spry Fox, but it's arriving across console generations for PlayStation and Xbox alike as well as mobile.

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