Counter Strike 2 beta scams are already out in the wild, Valve warns

Counter Strike 2
(Image credit: Valve)

Valve has warned of Counter-Strike 2 scams in the form of disingenuous Limited Test invites.

Earlier this week, Valve very casually announced Counter-Strike 2 after months of rumor and speculation, as well as a Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test beta, which kicked off on the same day. However, scammers are sending fake Limited Test keys to hopeful players.

Valve's tweet below warns of scammers attempting to gain control over Steam accounts by promising Limited Test access. We can't stress enough that Valve, and only Valve, will grant you Limited Test access, and in fact, Limited Test keys don't even exist for Counter-Strike 2.

You can only access the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test via a notification on the original CS:GO's main menu. There aren't any email invites or Steam notifications for you to access the beta phase of the upcoming shooter.

Be extra vigilant when online and hoping to get access to the new Counter-Strike 2 test. Never trust anyone but Valve itself, and only look for Limited Test access via the original CS:GO. Scammers see an opportunity in the new Limited Test and are keen to take advantage of fans' hopes for the latest beta.

Counter-Strike 2 is set to launch later this year at some point in the summer. The Limited Test phase is set to go on until the final launch, so there's still plenty of time for invites to reach new participants. 

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Hirun Cryer

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