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Countdown to the SFX Weekender: 3 sleeps to go

You voted in your thousands this year and last year. The SFX Sci-Fi Awards 2011 enable SFX readers to reward the best of the genre, just as you did last year

The SFX Weekender is this week! Yikes! Let's just take this opportunity to welcome blogger Kell Harker to Britain - she's flown over from Canada to come to the Weekender and touches down today. Has she come the furthest? If you're travelling to Camber Sands this week from more than 3,600 miles away, let us know.

Next Saturday every visitor to the SFX Weekender will discover who you voted for in this year's SFX Sci-Fi Awards! Hosted by Robert Rankin and his glamorous wife, the Awards were a highlight of the event last year and will be again in 2011. Here are some snaps:

Ghostbusters statue on stage

The Rankins

Gerry Anderson receives the Lifetime Achievement gong

Find out more about what will be happening this year either by clicking on the SFX Weekender tag on this site, or by hopping over to the organiser's homepage at . Call 08700 110034 to talk about ticket options - it's getting pretty late in the day, though; where have you been?