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Could there be a mystery character in Super Street Fighter IV?

Released today,Super Street Fighter IVadds 10 new fighters to last year's already robust lineup of colorful scrappers. That brings the total to 35 playable characters... but during the review process I noticed there was an empty space in the character-specific challenge lists. Could there be one more fighter on the way?

Notice the empty slot under Juri? Sure looks like there's room for one more fighter, huh? Now, it's entirely possible that it's just for spacing issues, as that final column contains nothing but characters added to Super SFIV (minus Dee Jay and T. Hawk, but they're super old-school so I can excuse their placement). It also takes a lot ofadditional tweaking to add even one character to a fighting game. But I'd like to think it was left open, possibly for the aforementionedRolentoor someone else who almost made the cut.

Your thoughts? And, if it really turns out to be a placeholder for a new character, perhaps to be revealed when the new Tournament mode ships in June, who would you love to see reappear?